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Hey all,

We just uploaded a small patch that fixes a bug where the game would crash in the inventory screen. If you experience any crashes related to the inventory screen, please download the patch and enjoy the fixed game :D.
vertex: Yeah, Primordia crashed yesterday and other than that I like to keep everything up to date. But I've got a small issue with this patch.

See attached image. Looks like some problems with the install location? I've installed Primordia to E:\Primordia\

Oh and by the way: I didn't really like GOG downloader to reset my default download location to C:\\something and changed it back instantly after finally locating the download (right click -> "open enclosing folder" doesn't work and takes me to "My Documents" O_o). You're having too much vodka when it's cold outside, eh? ;-)

Ps: Where's my attachment? *retry*

Pps: What the heck? O_o ... I can't attach my error message? *second retry* ... okay, uploaded ... the link when it's down there is *snipdoesntworkbutnowitsthereanyways* - maybe it works even if it's not displayed below...

PPPS: Finally... what's just going on? Maybe I should return tomorrow? :D

Ppppppp...?s: Oh noes, come on! It's gone again! Guys? You wanna drive me crazy today, eh? It's not the 1st of April....

I've uploaded it on my server now. This site seems broken today. So here it is: (promised, this time you'll see an image... at least if the edit method for postings still works...)
Please write to Support for that :D. I wish I could help you out more but the image you present is bit beyond my meager abilities to decipher :D.
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