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Citation from the readme-file:

The year is 2020. After an environmental holocaust of devastating proportions,
the population hovers slightly above the zero mark. The rich have fled to the
underground, where they have formed corporate enclaves. Above ground the
desolate cities and desert wastelands are inhabited by a feral population of
freaks and survivors. With 98% of the population dead there's a lot of cars
around just waiting to get driven into the ground. The ferals started the
Powersliding competition, the corporates banned it.

It's dangerous, it's illegal, it kicks butt.

Powerslide is extreme off-road racing.

Attached is a screenshot I took in 2001 while using a cheat to fly around. On the photo are probably Greg Siegele and Richard Harrison.
Even though Powerslide is no longer relevant because it's now 2022 and we're still here, the actual year did lead to a global pandemic, so it's kind of weird how 2020 ended up compared to this game's Mad Max style setting.