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I'm interested in hearing what other Postal fans think of this new game called Hatred that has been going up in videogame news for some time now. (If you haven't seen the first trailer you can watch it here: )

In my opinion it doesn't look very good. I enjoyed Postal thoroughly but that was because of the creepines of it all: The loading screen, the diary entries in the instruction manual, the music in the menus, etc. Even if it's not brilliant and it can be ignored I think the writing improves the Postal experience.

If all of the writing in Hatred is going to be like the opening monologue in this trailer... Well, I find it just plain bad. It's trying to sound tough but it comes out as goofy in the end. I'm still waiting to see how it plays so I might change opinion but the first impression is just lame. Any thoughts on this?

PS: I'm deliberatly ignoring the violence issue because it has become just boring and people are just saying the same things they said about Postal quite some years ago.
The only thing that comes to mind is the s**tstorm that came from it, as though people forgot that Postal even existed... something I honestly think people have.

Whenever Postal is mentioned people try to pass off the conversation by mentioning that it's a satire/comedy. They show obvious signs of NEVER HAVING PLAYED the first Postal. Postal 1 took itself really seriously, especially at the end of the game.

The entire debacle has been embarrassing. I'm looking forward to Hatred just for the catharsis of playing as an the embodiment of angsty metal heads.
I know how these brain storming sessions go:

"So what if like, there is like, no story whatsoever and like, you're just this guy who has snapped and wants to kill as many people as possible before he himself is killed? Like, no bullshit, just a pure and visceral experience, back to the roots, none of this mainstream PC crap"

-"Yeah dude, that is awesome. That is some avant garde shit. Everyone is so fake these days, there should be a game without all that pointless crap and just show everyone that you don't need like, three-act structures and plots or a morality bar or some crap. It's like, just you and the game man"

-"And like with real violence. I'm talking really brutal violence, like take someone hostage and execute them and stuff. Everyone is so PC these days. They will lose their shit when they see this!"

-"Yeah man! This is going to be totally awesome and unique!"


Incidentally, these "brilliant" design brain storming sessions plan out largely the same way when psuedo-hipster game designers realise that "zombies are awesome, let's put them in every kind of theme or plot" or that "8-bit platformers were awesome, they don't make games like that these days".


I'm guessing non-gaming media will grossly misrepresent this game (causing it to sell far more copies than it deserves), the gaming media will pan and it will be forgotten by most just like Postal, Manhunt and other mediocre controverisal games that didn't have much to offer once you actually played them.

Personally I think that making a game that is straight up murder for the sake of murder is unimaginitive, uninteresting and financially suicidal. I've gone on hundreds of killing sprees in the GTA games and every time it makes me realise how much more enjoyable the actual narrative and missions are. Killing stuff is what you do in most games already. I'd be impressed if the game was actually about overcoming one's demons and improve oneself to live a functional life. THAT is a unique game design challange worth talking about. "Hatred" looks like something dreamt up by people who haven't even realised they are hipster trash yet.
Hope I'm not necro-ing, I just heard about this game through seeing this post.

I think people have missed the point of video games, a thought I have frequently because of the curse of having grown up in the 90s. I looked at the trailer and I saw a guy shooting civilians. That's not something I do too often since that being the objective of the game is rare (being able to do it and that being your mission are two different things). I'm looking forward to it, provided it actually releases through the crapstorm.

Ignoring the violence "issue", other people saw the trailer and their first thoughts were so consumed with the idea that this game was just trying to be different, that they immediately had to shoot it down. That is completely stupid, and contributes to the reason that developers trying new things is so rare. People think "innovation" is writing up an interesting story with compelling dialogue, to make a masterpiece worthy of a feature film.

It's NOT. Video games aren't movies.

Innovation arises when people don't care whether the game will be financially successful, and simply make what they want to make. Gameplay is everything, and too many people don't seem to realize that. From the Youtube comments, it pains me to read questions like "what kind of gameplay value does this have", when they're really just whining about the lack of a story. Basically, what the game is about shouldn't change your opinion of the game, especially not for an action game.

Not that I think I'm changing anyone's opinion, it's just that I fail to understand people that say "what does this game do differently", provided they have ever played any video games. Even ignoring gameplay types, every story type has been done before but apparently no one cares about that. No one got philosophical and ranted about the lack of innovation and imagination in Borderlands 2, or Pokemon X/Y, or CoD:AW. But we can lump it on some random indie game because "controversial" is synonymous with "hipster", which means we must all hate on it as hard as possible.

It's an indie game, no one really cares. Provided it comes out on a system that's not a phone, I'll probably pick it up since it looks pretty interesting.
I'm looking forward to Hatred AND Postal Redux!
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I enjoyed both Postal and Postal 2, and I'm going to play Hatred as well. And then I'm going to go outside and not kill anybody.
ShadowThief: I enjoyed both Postal and Postal 2, and I'm going to play Hatred as well. And then I'm going to go outside and not kill anybody.
You monster! Think about the children!