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hypnotoad8128: Because it's trash with no redeemable features. The only people who would like a game like this are your teenager or immature adult. It's badly coded, badly designed and badly animated. If this was done by pros, it could have been a great game regardless of content.

ITT: Opinions.
As a side note you can completely beat the game as a pacifist and not directly kill anyone. Yes you have to create a way to kill people indirectly but only a handful of times due to necessity, and at these junctions the game allows for a site unseen method of removing the obstacle in your way. I have done this 2 times.
Soldier of Fortune allowed you to cut people in half and shoot them in the stomach, and then watch there intestines spill onto the floor. That game was played by 5 times the people that ever even knew this one existed.
Blood allowed you to play soccer and basketball with heads of enemies and blow people up with dynamite. Postal 2? You can decapitate and pee on people, plus set them on fire. Blood let you do that aswel. IN Duke 3D there are Strippers, in God of War you rape 2 women and force them to screw you, in GoW2 it happens again. I can go on for along time.
BTW: for anyone that doesn't like it [url=][/url] Just click and go have some Carrot Cake with your friends ^_^
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I actually live in Arizona, so the environments are extremely interesting to me, and I can relate to them.
My problem and alot of the people's problem who post here I imagine is that the games are terribly made. It'll be a good day when they make a game this "controversial" and make it worth playing.
I always get the impression people forget this is gaming , not reality.
If people watch movies where whole continents get slaughtered.... the comment : yeah , great war movie , It's based on true stories so let's give them an emmy award (or 6)
Or , Lets put 2-6 protagonists in a house , fill it with gas and find 6 ways to kill them or have them commit suicide and inflate the sick brains of serial killers with new objectives. (SAW 1 - 3) I did like the first movie but i have up after the second one. My descision not to watch
As it comes to games : if you don't like it , don't play it. ZAP between games.
But don't start running circles around your desk with your finger in your ass and elaborate on how the game is messing up the minds of young people. Games can be shut down with the press of a button. Politicians , wars ,media and newspapers filled with death , accidents and other stuff can't be shut down.
I wasn't a big fan of postal 1 but postal 2 lifted my soul allowing me to do whatever i want.
Needless to say i whacked ever government official that i encountered out of reasons stipulated above.
This post is my personal opinion confined within way to tight borders of of the messagebox. I could easily elaborate but you guys would get bored :p
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I remember I had the Postal 2 demo when I was in like the tenth grade and I spent hours and hours walking around, peeing on things, kicking people, laying traps, tasing bros, finding all the secret item locations, trying to kill everyone in town and trying to start a bonfire with corpses that wouldn't go out. I probably spent 200 hours on the demo (I had a patch to stop it from timing out)
Anyways, when I finally tracked down a copy of the game, I was completely underwhelmed because you couldn't really do anything new besides get a few new weapons(though the anthrax cow head rules) and do the ((BORING)) tasks.
Long story short: just download the demo and the timeout patch.