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Yeah if you'd just bought Postal for the same price as a PS3 game then you've got a right to whinge about how 2D it is.
But let's face it, it's like £5 (Or exactly $5.99 for the U.S) and while yes, £5 is a lot more than $6 in terms of face value, but still.
For a fiver you can get a fun little game that's just about having a daft laugh.
I've always hated GTA because all I end off doing is running around killing and that gets boring on a grand scale, but this, is tiny and has a select number of guys and gals to kill.
Which keeps it fresh, it's also got some funny moments, like "Blessed the meek, for they are easy to kill!".
So my final verdict, for a fiver you can do A LOT worse. But for that fiver you're getting some harmless mindless fun set over 21 levels. You're also getting a 16 player multiplayer mode and level editor, 9 sweet weapons and a great time killer.
Surely not the same Demon212 who I see posting everywhere these days? Youtube, wiiware-world? Hah, keep it up!
EDIT: Oh, and yea typical UK prices having to spend way more than anyone else. I wish I had bought more games when the exchange rate was good!
Post edited April 21, 2009 by K1LLEGAL