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JudasIscariot: *Added an option for micro-transactions*
You can now buy Champ new outfits for 10 bucks a piece, or pay for a 50
bucks season pass to obtain them all as they become available, before
you've even seen what they are. Now you can really dress in style and so
can Champ too! (Just kiddin’, but it shows the sad state of the industry
when you probably half believed that whilst reading it.)
Not gonna lie, you got me on that one.
Also, a thanks to RWS and GOG, and whoever else is responsible for that update. =)
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Excellent! :-D
high rated
Great to see this up, thanks to the GoG team for their support! It's been a long time coming our end, I would just like to thank you all for your patience in waiting for the free updates to land.

Few things:

GoG build is now totally in line with the Steam version, and even Steam workshop mods will work with a manual install. In time we'll dig out some of the better mods and repackage them so they are even easier to get working on this build.

Older saves will not work with this build, way too much got changed to keep older saves compatible come the end, but any future updates we make (Xbox controller support and the like) will not break your saves in the future, nor will there bet such a delay between Steam and GoG getting the updates.

Updated Mac, and Linux will come, these are also not available on Steam yet but once they are the GoG versions will not be far behind.

It's fair to say the base system requirements are now a touch higher than they were, but I'd be surprised if anyone here has a system that can't run the game at a playable level. FWIW, the engine benefits mostly from faster (single) cores than it does from a good GPU. That said, many contextual performance issues have been addressed, for example the 1409 build would really lag if you blow up a car or were near physics actors and there was any kinda blood / urine physics going on, this is now totally resolved.

Really glad there is at least one eyefinity user above :) We put more time into getting that working than we probably should, but we had an eager QA tester who really wanted to see it so we made it happen. I think P2 is the only game from that era to work so well with it now.

Thank you all for the support, it's the core / grass-route fans that keep us going as the gaming media generally snub us, and you have proved that providing free content and supporting a game is worthwhile, both from a business standpoint and for our costumers. We of course have paid DLC on the way for Steam / GoG, but you can think of it more like the old school expansion packs we used to get back in the day.
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Having played through the game once I did not think I needed to do so again, this just might change my mind...
Eternal Damnation still works with this build (if anyone was curious).
Impressive update, kudos to devs and GOG!
Awesome! Nice to see that Postal 2 is getting some love.
So freakin' awesome update, I'll right now download it and play my 3rd playthrough this excellent game :)

Thanks !
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Thanks for this! Perhaps GOG Galaxy will be useful in the future to get patches and other content to us quicker.
Dumb Question where can i see the changelog? First post i see is from djdarko...

Edit: Forget it the thread started on page 2 not 1 >.<
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AWESOME! It's nice to see my all time favorite still getting so much love from it's developers. And of course, love for the fans. :)

Not gonna lie, I nabbed the Steam version as I was impatient for updates. Sadly I now have to see the insane amount of hours I spend on this game. Now I just need a damned hard copy for my collection.

Hmm... I must ask, is it possible to add the weapon recoil that was in the multiplayer to the base game? I love old school heavy duty recoil.
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I guess this would be rather easy actually, maybe something we can stick in in the options to turn on, or add it to the higher difficulty levels.
I'm trying to download the update, keep getting Checksum error on chunk 111, please contact support

edit: disregard the above all sorted.
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I love you guys
How do we go about getting Steam Workshop Items?