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Postal one was a top-down isometric shooter. It had style, it was, in a similar way to GTA 1 full of exxagerated violence that was quite fun, since everybody got the joke.
The sequel however, is a major fail on may levels.
As a game, there is no joke to get. With the transition to 3D the stylish fun and cartoony violence were replaced by a dull game where you run around the city, piss on people and flame them to death. Violence is no longer there as something Monthy Pythonish - let´s burn an angry mob of majorettes. It has now become completely senseless. Beat the hell out of bypassers, piss on them and shoot their head of with the shotgun. Wow, you have a game everybody will talk about, which means, you´ll spend less on PR and marketing. But in a fact, you have a piece of interactive violence simulator that is totally meaningles in the greater context (say, unlike Mafia, Duke Nukem 3D and so on....). Gamewise, there is nothing in for a player. You get the same content you got in Postal one. But before, it actually felt fun and even though, it was brutal, it was still just a game.
Engine-wise the game is built around the Unreal 2 engine. That would allow for some nice visuals, if there were any production values in the game. Unreal 2 engine also means LONG loading times that will allow you to take a dog for a walk.
So where´s the joke in Postal 2? Or rather whose the joke on. I am not a person to support the idea that games and violence are connected. On the other hand I like GOOD games. Which makes me wonder, how Postal 2 even got here. I understand how business works and that the publisher/developer prefers to give the whole catalogue. But for GOG´s sake. It´s GOOD old games here. Not "old rip-off games that have you piss in somebody´s mouth." Seriously, the guys behind Witcher are expected to know good from bad.