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Edit: Nvm, found the answer in the manual after all. You can bring up the little info box by clicking on the town well in town view.

Hey there,

recently got back to playing PR1 as i do every few years since release and came across an old issue i never found a solution for:
As long as you don't have a convoy or building in a town, left clicking on it on the sea map brings up a small summary window, showing the towns population, produced goods, wealth, your standing, etc. Always found that pretty handy, however as soon as you have a convoy or a building inside that town, left clicking instead brings you to the town view. So to check your rep or the wealth of a town you have buildings in, you now have to check your warehouse for rep, your logbook for the towns wealth and the town view for population.
So i was wondering if there was some sort of hotkey or some other way to bring up that small info window regardless of buildings / convoys in town. Couldnt find anything in the manual unfortunately.

I know its a bit of a long shot to get answers for a game that old, but since im coming back to PR every other year or so i'd be happy about an answer at pretty much any point in time :D

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