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I don't have a mouse cursor and can't navigate the menus of Port Royale 3 Gold.

Looking this up i found out that the game gives full control to connected gamepads and disconnecting them would solve the issue. But i don't have a gamepad connected that i could unplug.

What i have is a Wooting Two HE keyboard, which has analog keys and serves as x-input controller. I think PR3 registers this as "gamepad present" - but i can't unplug my keyboard for obvious reasons.

Does anyone know if there's a config file where i can set a flag to "controller=0" or something?
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Found a solution!

In case anyone else runs into this:

1. unplug keyboard (or gamepad/controller)
2. launch Port Royale 3
3. endure the intro
4. plug your stuff back in
5. click "Options"
6. set "Gamepad" to "Always off"

Now everything works - even after restart
Post edited March 25, 2023 by vertex