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Changelog for Patch 0056 NS / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-2 (Mac) (added 07 November 2016):

- We received reports of the game hanging in some situations and we've scrambled to put out a fix as soon as possible. If you've been having issues with the game hopefully this update will resolve that. Thanks again!
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Changelog for Patch 0059 NS / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac) (added 14 November 2016):

- Bug fixes
- Fixed crash on finish of North Island
- Fixed localization related bugs
- Pause after election such that players can take screenshots
- Settings are now saved (your language and sound/volume setting will be saved until you change them)
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Changelog for Patch 0074 NS / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Mac) (added 19 December 2016):

- added Simplified Chinese language support
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Changelog for patch 0079 / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Mac) (added 06 March 2017):

- Hello citizens!
- We’ve listened to your demands and we finally made it happen! Political Animals now has local multiplayer and more! Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback and suggestions, we couldn’t have done this without you.

Local Multiplayer
- Why argue over your political differences if you can fight it out in a no-holds barred political campaign? Two player mode is where your true political colors come out, with you and a friend trash-talking each other all the way to the polling stations. Do you think you can make it through the election campaign with your morals intact? There’s only one way to find out!

New Map: Pink Island
- The French presidential elections are coming soon, and what better way to celebrate than to add a new map for our players in France! This land of love is no stranger to salacious scandals, so let the citizens eat cake while you lead your opponent to the political guillotine.

Interesting New Traits!
- Do you fancy running as a Donkey Demagogue or a Lazy Lion? We’ve added some new traits so you can make even more unique and customized candidates! The traits include : Inquisitive, Community Leader, Demagogue, Lazy, Salesman, and Irresponsible!
- Once again, thanks for playing everyone! Stay tuned for more and always feel free to reach out to us for anything you want to know or share.
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Changelog for Update / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 09 March 2017):

- Added the Linux version of Political Animals to everyone's account.
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Changelog for Patch 0080 (added 20 April 2017):

- Updated the Linux version to a universal build.
- Added Polish language support.
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Changelog for patch 0083 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 16 June 2017):

- Hi everyone! We have always wanted to make our game as accessible to as many gamers around the world as possible, so we are delighted to announce the addition of Japanese localization for Political Animals!
- Special thanks to our localizer:
- Toyochさん
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