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Every time I try to save in the game it says there is nothing to save and thus I have to start the game over again if I close it and open it later. Anyone have any clue why it is doing this?
This question / problem has been solved by Firekimage
I have the same problem and have tried everything bar a reinstall which I am doing now.

It seems to be tied into DOSBox.

Found this on the Sierra Help forum:
"I have found that it has to be something with how the DOSBox setup is working. When I run the game from the discs on an XP system as originally made with the sierra installer, it gives me the option to save like expected. When I run it from the downloaded DOSBox installer that allows you to have no CD's inserted is when I get that saving game error message."

That was from November last year and was never resolved.
GOG needs to fix this or refund us our money.
Have you emailed GOG support about this.
GOG prefers to use the DOS version of games when there is a choice between the DOS version and the Windows version. Maybe they should have gone with the WIndows version of SWAT ONE.
Between this and no Manual being available for SWAT TWO GOG sure messed up this release.
Are you guys using win7 or vista and if so are you running the game as an administrator?
I am using XP,so I don;t think it is a admin permissions problem.
From that Sierra Help page thread, I am betting it's a problem with Dosbox.
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Well it did let me save the game once I clicked Main Menu but I will do some more messing around to see if I can get the other save features to work.
Delekhan, please explain what exactly you did to get the game to save. When do you click Main Menu? GIve a step by step detail?
And have you emailed GOG support about this issue?
To save in SWAT, you will have to create 10 empty folders in the game's folder:

Let me know if this helps. We will prepare and upload a new installer first thing tomorrow - it will include these folders by default. Sorry about the trouble.
The folders seem to do the trick; thanks!
Just tried the save folder trick..worked like a charm.
I have not yet backed up on DVD ROM my copy of Police quest Swat 1/2; I will download the corrected version and burn that when it's out.
Tested the folder trick

THANKYOU! Works perfectly

Thankyou so much for this!