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For the life of me, I never understand why no Mac version??? You have other games that were never made for Mac back in the day, but some are available for mac now. Mostly thanks to DOSBox and ScummVM. And Police Quest and Police Quest Swat all work fine under DOSBox, with works just fine for Mac and Catalina now.
Because, back in the day, 98% of games were being developed for, the IBM-PC compatible machines, and I guess back then having an IBM-PC Compatible computer was the standard. It's like why aren't games made for Linux? It's been around since the early 90's, and it is a lot of work to just install anything in Linux. But Linux isn't the standard, Windows is. So 98% of game devs are going to only develop for Windows operating systems.

The other 2% are people who will develop for other computers and/or operating systems. I remember when I was maybe 13 or so, and I was reading a computer magazine in 1989, and I remember turning to a page that had 100 computer games, and it showed a list of IBM computers and Mac's. Every game was checked off for IBM, and like 6 games were checked off for the Mac, and all 6 of those games were the most obscure names of games I'd never even heard of.

But that's basically the gist of it all. IBM-PC compatible computers were the standard back then, and I would like to say that they still are, with Windows being the standard for operating systems. I highly dislike it because my choices are limited with what I want to do, what company's hardware and software do I want to use? Oh, looks like it's either microsoft or apple. Not much choice unfortunately. And for me, Apple died with Steve Jobs.