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have spent countless hours over the last week playing this game and I LOVE IT!! but would be nice ot have a maual of the ins and outs. obviously a very steep learning curve and I've played for most of the day for the past week. But asside from the "on screen" instruction I would lke to just beable to print out a manual, sit down in achair and read it to become a better builder. would learn more taht way. I've played it and know a lot but not near enough. and honestly it is a strain to learn in the game wanted to ask the creators if they could provide an indepth manual of the ins and outs of creations, weight factors to flying craft and cars and so forth. as well as all the provided building tools and building items and an explamation to what they do. for insstance what is an L-conviegher. what does it do/ why would one use a "joint inner wall" as opposed to just a short inner wall to joiin sometthing up. and some better tiips on building a new first shelter wold be do you use an "internal cockpit" as the one on "Terry's" wrecked drop ship? tell me the advantages of running a stiff shock to a soft one. a little info on setting rear steering would be nice since the controls to do it(radial menu) are a little wonky.
still this is an AWESOME GAME! so good, that I would be willing to read whole Chilton Tech manual to play it.
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