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Hello fellow Nomads,
As we all know, the online blueprints database is a feature closely tied to steam infrastructure, and doesn't work for GOG users. Hoever, the whole blueprints functionality *is* working fully, and we can share out blueprints as well - just dropping them into correct directories manually.

There is no reason why GOG players of this wonderful hidden gem game shouldn't take on the fun f building and/or tweaking constructions of other people, so I'm starting this thread as a hub for sharing blueprints between us.

Starting it with my collection of stuff - CatLady's ironman hardcore survival utilities. Aimed primary on people playing the (you guessed it) hardcore survival and/or self-imposed ironman mode (death = world deleted), so it is focused on efficiency over grandiose, but my aesthetic sense and perfectionism made me sure to make it as pleasantly looking as possible, too. Besides, there are few minor things aimed purely for roleplaying purposes, too (table and chairs, anyone?).

to install, unpack content into your:
.../PlanetNomads/UserConstructions/ Below, comes the list:

1. Easy Rider


This is an extensively modified version of the "starting" vehicle (the incomplete scout you find at Terry's ship wreckage, that you can either finish up or disassemble) - it have as much useful stuff crammed into it as possible without changing it's characteristics (size footprint, handling). Contains:

1. Thermoregulator
2. Statis chamber (!)
3. Nanoframe emitter (dispenser) - connected to a gargantum (3x) cargo space.
3. As a cherry on the top, integrated solar beacon ensures you never lose track of it.

Whats bets, is that it is strictly buildable from resources you have access too at (close to) start - with the exception of "SC Electronic Components" that require silver, but you should be able to get more than enough of the from the parts of wreckage scattered around your pod's impact zone (if in troubles, look for thrusters at and around Terry's ship).

2. Tweaked Flyer and Tweaked small Flyer:


Those are strictly vanilla flyers, but with control scheme tweaked in a way that allow you to control pitch, yaw *and* turn, at same time, like in real rotary-wing aircraft. By default, turn is now binded to Q and E (can be customized in-game via terminal connected to the flyer), while A and D does turn, allowing your Flyer to fly sideways.

3. Compact Base Camp MKI


Compat Base Camp - can be quickly (and relatively inexpensively) erected on any spot during journey, but fully-featured enough to work as a main residence, too. MKI contains only pre-titanium tech. When disassembled into base components, fits into less than half cargo space of Easy Rider (still leaving enough room for gathering stuff along the way).

Comes in two versions the "1585034250" directory is having the one prefered by me, coming with a Thermoregulator and full-sized battery rack (more backup power than you will ever need in a lifetime), while the "1585126700" is having free space instead of Thermoregulator and only one backup battery for emergency - resulting in strictly pre-titanium (starting) tech usage and cost decreased by much. As a compromise - if you want Thermoregulator (due to easy availability of SC Electronic Components from wreckages) but are not interested in the overblown backup battery setup, install the "lite" variant, and just build a single Thermoregulator yourself.

Tip: For using as main residence, it is recommended to place autonomous water purifier tank somewhere nearby.

4. Compact Base Camp MKII


Compat Base Camp - can be quickly (and relatively inexpensively) erected on any spot during journey, but fully-featured enough to work as a main residence, too. MKII contains state-of-art post titanium/aluminum/cobalt/silver/gold/(some)xaenite equipment.

Basically, this is the variant that you should be able to build after you first major venture into more dangerous places on planet. Contains everything you might need, sans for crazy end-game alien stuff.

Tip: The water tank is not connected to anything on the under size. This is made on purpose - it allows you to place the blueprint on any spot, without issues related to mesh boundaries conflict. if you want to have automatic supply of dirty water for the processing in the tank, digging as deep as ground-water level and connect the pump via pipe on the downward side of the tank is on you (the upper side of tank is connected to main conveyor grid, so the purified water is still available from containers/for further refining in other utilities).

5. Table and a Chair

(image coming soon, was taking blueprint shot during night so it is not really up for a presentation)


A table with glass panel and a comfy chair - both in separate blueprints. Purely decoration/roleplaying usage, akin to vanilla's "plant in a pot". If initially placed just above, free-fall to the ground and can be further moved by impacting them with a kinetic force (as in, hitting them with something or just running up to them).

Hope it helps, and surely glad to see your additions to the catalogue,
Post edited March 27, 2020 by Cat_Lady