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Long time ago I bought PST:EE in order to try this version when I'm in PST mood again.

Here I am. So in the mortuary, there is a bunch of charms and other items that you can put in the quickslots for saving inventory space.

I then noticed (after a reload, or switching the levels) that TNO's quickslot bar was completely empty at one occasion – all charms and items there GONE. I don't think there is anything in PST that can steal items by design in the mortuary.

For testing, I then I put 4 blood charms into one of the quickslots, saved and loaded: two disappeared, and just two left in the regular inventory slots of TNO.

It's not all the time like this, but obeviously there is some kind game-stopper bug around here? Can anyone confirm? Because then we better switch to the original version.

It's version v3.1.4.
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