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I managed to do it, but it was *really* painful. I share here what I did. My operating system is Kubuntu 20.04, if you are for example on Fedora you will have to adapt some of the commands below. I used vim to edit files, if you're not familiar with this editor, use gedit, nano or something else.

There are two problems to solve :
- In order to install mods, a case insensitive filesystem is required, but on a Linux system the filesystem is case sensitive
- By default, the game won't launch because it won't find some required dependencies; moreover, these dependencies are outdated, so they aren't available in the repositories of your Linux distribution

First we need to install some tools in order to create and manage OpenZFS filesystems:
sudo apt install zfsutils-linux

Let's create a file which will host our case insensitive filesystem:
sudo fallocate -l 30G /opt/ee-games.img

Create the case insensitive filesystem:
sudo zpool create ee-games /opt/ee-games.img -O casesensitivity=insensitive

Create a folder where our filesystem will be mount:
sudo mkdir /mnt/ee-games

Mount the filesystem in the folder above:
sudo zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/ee-games ee-games

You can now install the game in this folder : /mnt/ee-games/Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition/.
Install the game with the sudo command, otherwise you will encounter permission errors.

Give to your account the rights to read and execute files in the folder above:
sudo chmod -R o+rx /mnt/ee-games/Planescape\ Torment\ Enhanced\ Edition/

At this point, the game won't launch, because of this error:
./Torment64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Grrrrr... To fix ths annoying message, I did what is described in an other post of this forum.

So (I don't have the right to post a link in this forum, add "https://" before "github"):
sudo apt install git
git clone --branch OpenSSL_1_0_0-stable --single-branch --depth 1 openssl_1.0.0
cd openssl_1.0.0
./config shared
sudo mkdir /mnt/ee-games/Planescape\ Torment\ Enhanced\ Edition/openssl
sudo cp lib*so* /mnt/ee-games/Planescape\ Torment\ Enhanced\ Edition/openssl

The folder openssl_1.0.0 is no longer needed, you can delete it.

sudo vim /mnt/ee-games/Planescape\ Torment\ Enhanced\ Edition/

Add this line below "source support/gog_com.shlib":

Try to launch the game, it should execute without error.

Now the Unfinished Business (or any other mod) part.

If it's in your "Downloads" folder:
sudo cp -r Downloads/PST-UB-reloaded/ /mnt/ee-games/Planescape\ Torment\ Enhanced\ Edition/game/

Unlike on Windows, no installer is provided for Linux. Grrrr. We need WeiDu tools. Download the Linux version from GitHub.

Let's create a specific folder for the WeiDu tools:
sudo cp -r Downloads/WeiDU-Linux/bin/amd64/ /mnt/ee-games/tools

At loooong last, install the mod:

cd /mnt/ee-games/Planescape\ Torment\ Enhanced\ Edition/game/
sudo ../../tools/weidu ./PST-UB-reloaded/setup-PST-UB-reloaded.tp2

I didn't try to install the Baldur's Gate games (I dont have them yet :-)), but this procedure should also work with them.

If you have any question, I'll try to help you.
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