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I am having an issue with the cursor always moving to the bottom lefthand corner of the screen... I have been searching google for a day now and have found no way to fix this issue...

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, I'm bumping this post again to ask if it was possible to add the patch directly to the windows installer, or at least make it available in the game download page... I went through a big part of the game before resolving the issue (lags when casting spells with big sprite that have a lot of transparency, and even sometimes some video driver loss), I began to search a solution when I was stuck to the "witch cutscene" where's lot are used (no spoiler I guess :p)!
Applying the patch resolves the issue totally on my computer (btw win7 / recent nvidia card).
The other graphical bug I had was that characters were "running backward", but I found rapidly that turning the "hardware sprite mirroring" off in the options panel was the solution. No problem with cursor for my part (with and without the patch).
Otherwise, great great game, very stable (only one 'real' crash due to something else than a video driver loss before applying the patch, within hours and hours of game), I recommend it to anyone who does not *know* this rpg!
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I'd just like to add my thanks to everyone who recommended this fix, and the sprite mirroring option. They made the game so much better!

I did still have a persistent problem where Torment would fail and exit to desktop very frequently when loading a new area (of order 20% of the time you enter a new place). But I guess that's absolutely nothing to do with the graphics fixes or engine.

Edit: On looking at the other threads, I may have been having this problem: . Should have checked them earlier!
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Sorry if this has been discussed/resolved. When I run the game, the desktop keeps flashing into view like a strobe light. Any thoughts to repair this would be appreciated. It happened in Win8.1 and its still happening in Win10.
I had to re-install the widescreen mod after getting a new monitor. Had issue with desktop flashing like a strobe light. Fixed the flashing desktop by selecting Win8 compat mode in options. Runs well now.