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The main focus is the inclusion of Japanese and Simplified Chinese language support.

- Added Japanese language support
- Added Simplified Chinese language support

Changes and Tweaks
- Tweaked hold interact UI for better visibility
- Font update for all asian languages for much improved readability

- Fixed ‘A Chilling Affair’ quest bug (did not progress sometimes)
- Fixed player being able to die while in between area transitions
- Made the monument tower in the Dry Bay a persistent landmark, visible from all angles/distances now
- Solidified Lumiconda Tooth puzzle logic in the Ancient Stables for lower-end machines
- Fixed an assert when trading with an empty inventory, causing trading logic and UI to be off
- Various text fixes in multiple languages
- Various memory optimizations across the board
- Various optimizations through cleaning up code
Post edited September 29, 2020 by martin_twirlbound