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Just thought I'd start a thread on the turn-based mode, and specifically about interesting details about the mechanics as well as unbalanced tactics.

I'm going to start it off with the Ranger skill Evasive Fire (Teleport + Quick inspiration with an automatic ranged attack at a random target within range). It consumes one bond, but it's a free action. So you can just unload all your bond with a ranger and kill off several enemies in a single character round. At level 10 my ranger has 7 bond and with Empower I get another 4 back, so it comes to 12 (11+regular action) ranged attacks in one round. It basically turns your ranger into an anime character (or Nightcrawler, perhaps), who whooshes around the battlefield, leaving a pile of corpses.

I expect it'll get patched out soon enough, but it's fun for the time being. :)
когда релиз?
The Prone mechanics in turn-based still needs something extra. The -10 deflection is an improvement, but does really make it noteworthy.
My suggestion for Prone:
- -50% Stride for 1 Turn
- Cannot do Attacks of Opportunity for 1 Turn