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Hi folks!

Went online hunting for an oldschool rpg for my laptop when I came across this! Such luck! Looks amazing!

I'm a little confused to what version to buy though, there are so many editions and I'd like to get as much game content as possible. DLCs + expensions etc. Bonus material like soundtrack and such is not that big of a deal, but "yes please" if theres an edition that covers it all.

Also, my laptop isn't very powerful. Actually it's a slim book with an Intel GPU, and in the requirements it says "Nvidia or ATI". I can live with low framerates and dodgy effects, but is it at all runable on linux with an Intel card? Anyone knows?

Anyhow, thanks in advance for any thoughts, comments, or even possible answers!
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Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition + White March pt2 will get you all the currently availible ingame content, everything else are just bonuses. That being said, the game has higher system requirements than it seems to and I'm not sure how well it'll run using integrated GPU
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Alright, thanks! Hero it is then! The game doesn't look too hardware demanding, as you say, but I guess it might have to do with the Unity engine and all. Oh well, maybe I should be a bit more careful before I buy...
Whenever I launch the game, my gtx 970 goes into a liftoff mode. Unity engine just does that kind of shit, it's a side effect of a jack of all trades engine.