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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 (added 17 May 2018):

Major Fixes
* [Mac/OSX] Resolved issue with loading into a black screen on Macs with Intel Integrated Graphics Cards.
* Mouse clicks now properly resister for users using the Korean IME in windows.
* Player Dispositions should change less drastically for small decisions.
* Level Scaling now enables correctly when toggled on.
* Players can now set or save cloned AI behaviors for all classes, and quick saves will not be lost when doing so.
* Fixed multiple Pillars I imports that were importing the incorrect state.
* Fixed a permissions issue that was blocking some players from loading saves.
* Fixed a combat related memory leak (should improve some FPS on long play sessions).

Potential Spoilers:
* Players are now able to subdue Scyorielaphas even if all the wards are destroyed.
* Crew members on Story difficulty can now be killed if they mutiny.
* Players who are hostile to the pirates of Fort Deadlight will find the door to the Court open to prevent the NPCs keeping them in combat without being able to be engaged.

* Eder's end game state from Pillars I has been fixed.

Potential Spoilers:
* Watchers who took the baby orlan in Pillars I will now see her in Vilario's Rest.

* Various VO fixes to the Vox Machina voice sets.

* Custom AI settings should now save changes when adding new conditionals or abilities.
* Gold, Greed, and Guts achievement now unlocks when loading a save that has completed the quest.
* Pillars I history creator now removes options from the list once a choice has been made to prevent confusion.
* Various Credit fixes.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 07 June 2018) - Part I:

New Features & Updates
* Intro Skip Added
* There is now a Start & Skip Intro button that brings the player directly to the second level of the game.
* This feature becomes available after you have played through the intro once, or loaded a save (after getting the update).
* Veteran & PotD Balance Improvements
* Armor and Penetration now scale up on PotD.
* Many encounters have had units swapped out for tougher versions.
* Some encounters have had units added or set to ambush the party during the encounter.
* Additional Custom AI support and updates:
* All Conditionals have now been categorized in the Custom AI menu.
* The AI Toggle button on the ability bar now supports cycling through: Attacking while using Abilities, Attacking while not using Abilities, and Not using AI.
* The following actions can now be conditionalized in Custom AI: Using Consumable quick slot items, Activating Modals, Switching Weapon Sets, and Basic Weapon Attacking.
* Ship Resupply
* A new "Refill Ship Supplies" button can now be used to conveniently purchase ship supplies from any storefront that sells Medical Supplies, Cannon Shot, and Repair Supplies.
* World Map Legend Added
* A new Map Legend has been added that allows all icons on the World Map to be filtered by category.
* Character Appearance Improvements
* Character Appearance can now be changed in-game via the Appearance button on the Inventory screen (Player and adventurers only).
* Character Hairstyles are now rendered naturally with some Hats.
* Eye Color customization has been added.
* Graphics options expanded
* Six new toggles have been added to the Graphics menu to enable/disable certain visual features including Weather Effects, Lights, and Combat Text.
* News Feed Updated
* The News Feed on the Main Menu has been revamped to include links to the latest articles, DLC, and social media.

Major Issues
* Many edge case crashes (reported by users) have also been resolved.
* Managing party with capes on the World Map.
* God conversations returning party to player ship with characters who have capes.
* Client was creating a folder that required permission to access.
* Issues loading saves causing players to return to Main Menu.
* Issues transitioning to difference scenes causing players to return to Main Menu.
* Leveling up characters with bonus weapon sets no longer causes a black screen.
* Resolved an issue that blocked users with certain permissions from loading saves.
* Creating a multiclass character with spells and non-spell abilities no longer blocks character creation.
* Level Scaling now also adjusts enemy levels up. Normal enemies are scaled up to 4 levels higher and Named enemies are scaled up to 6 levels higher
* Critical Path Only Level Scaling is now working properly(Hasongo, Ashen Maw and Ukaizo).
* Gold, Greed & Guts achievement now consistently unlocks when requirements are met.
* A large amount of localization corrections have been implemented.
* Companions who died while Spiritshifted can now have their equipment looted.
* Part of Blade of the Endless Paths now appears in the Captain's Quarters if players had forged the blade in their Pillars I history.
* Fixed a memory leak that degraded FPS over time.
* Chanter Phrases are no longer removed upon Retraining.
* Fixed an issue where weapons could be removed from the player's inventory after Spiritshifting.
* Cannon Range accuracy penalties have been adjusted to scale gradually.
* Fixed an issue where faction questlines were not being closed out properly if the player had killed Queen Onekaza.
* Adjusted how Disposition, Reputation, and Relationship values were being calculated.

* Eder & Xoti no longer repeat the same banter over and over.
* Pallegina now leaves the party if the player allies with the Royal Deadfire Company through accepting the quest "Final Maneuvers".
* Maia no longer leaves the party if the player declines to help the VTC blow up the Rauatai Powder House.
* Harker's conversation can no longer be exploited to gain positive Companion reputation infinitely.
* Companion interjections now trigger properly and allow Ydwin to be recruitable.
* Serafen's recruitment window now properly opens when asked, "What can you do for me?".
* Eder's Strong-Souled ability now has an icon.
* Fixed an issue where a companion could be alive when the player made a custom POE1 history saying they'd sacrificed that companion to the Blood Pool.
* Finishing Pallegina's conversation in Ukaizo now returns to addressing your remaining companions.
* Finishing Serafen's conversation in Ukaizo now returns to addressing your remaining companions.
* Mirke is no longer so drunk as to be naked with a human body.
* Players stop receiving infinite farewell letters from Maia if they had told her that Kana had been sacrificed to the Blood Pool in Pillars I.
* Fassina now uses her custom personality animation.
* Companion relationship conversations will now trigger at a slower pace.

User Interface
* The Death UI now properly appears if player summons outlive the party.
* Fixed an issue where the News Feed was not aligning properly for certain screen resolutions.
* Fixed an issue where your screen could flicker black upon launching the game with preferences set.
* Transition icons in Crossroads scene on Splintered Reef no longer disappear when the mouse approaches.
* Level Scaling preferences can now be toggled in-game from the Options menu.
* Double Doors no longer block the mouse cursor when they are in an opened state.

* Atmospheric ambient SFX no longer play in taverns after attacking patrons or clients.
* The Druid ability "Terrifying Roar" now has SFX.
* Mercenaries in Spire of the Soul-Seers now have VO.
* Fixed an issue where one of High Priest Kasu's VO lines was not playing.
* Fixed an issue where Companion VO was not playing after winning the drinking contest in Fort Deadlight.
* VO is no longer being cut off when Fast Mode is active.
* Eothas' ambient SFX have been added in the Ondra's Spire scene.
* Various SFX have been added to the Chanter-summoned Dragon from the ability "The Great Wyrm Flew O'er the Mountains".
* Various SFX have been added to Tekehu's Spiritshift Shark form.
* Hired Adventurers now play their selected voice over during their character creation.

Quest Issues (Spoilers!)
* The quest "A Distant Light" is now added to the quest log upon reaching Hasongo if it hasn't been obtained otherwise.
* Fixed an issue where the quest "Fruitful Alliance" was not obtainable from Queen Onekaza if they had already resolved the conflicts at Ori o Koiki.
* Fixed an issue where the quest "Fruitful Alliance" was not updating properly if the player dealt with the slavers at Crookspur before talking to Ruasare at Ori o Koiki.
* Fixed an issue so that quest rewards for "Fruitful Alliance" can no longer be obtained infinitely and the quest "Taking Out The Traders" can be obtained normally.
* "Sealed Fate" now fails if Degnos dies before quest is completed.
* The quest "Lost Dues in Good Faith" can now be obtained from Kahn by talking to her again if players declined before.
* Players can now turn in "A Shrewd Proposition" to Furrante if they have already started "Honor Among Thieves".
* Players can now turn in "A Shrewd Proposition" to Aeldys if they have already started "Honor Among Thieves".
* Fixed an issue where the quest "Clearing Out the Crookspur" was incorrectly being completed successfully when the failure conditions were triggered.
* Malnaj is no longer attacked by her own crew during the quest "A Sorcerer and a Gentleman".
* The Brawler's conversation now only triggers once in the Undercroft if the player spoke to Mad Morena first.
* Players can now complete "Velvet Glove, Brass Fist" if they stole the gloves from Bertenno. The bug previously prevented players from being able to recruit Fassina.
* "The Last Sanctuary" now properly fails if Queen Onekaza is killed.
* When asked to pay more for the medicine, "Harsh Medicine" will now properly complete.
* Players can now complete "The Courier's Calling" if they hadn't talked to Tuaha before killing her.
* The quest "Dirty Laundry" now properly fails if Director Castol is banished before the player has turned it in.
* The grimoires obtained during the quest "The Lost Grimoires" no longer disappear from vendors if the player has sold them.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 07 June 2018) - Part II:

* Retraining a character (Respec) will no longer remove learned talents & abilities such as watcher abilities nor purchased skill bonuses.
* Ships on the world map no longer move while time is stopped (If the player's vessel is not moving).
* Watchers can no longer purchase more supplies than their ship can hold.
* Various performance related fixes including World Map optimizations, scenes with ocean water, and scenes with buoyant assets that are off screen. This should increase the frame rate of scenes like Queen's Berth, Hasongo, and Fort Deadlight.
* Hazanui Karu now reacts appropriately if the player has visited Hasongo before visiting Kahanga Palace.
* The ocean floor behind Fort Deadlight has been lowered to prevent showing during heavy tides.
* Death's Herald abilities now upgrade properly after completing the post Ashen Maw God Conversation.
* Bounty heads can no longer be pickpocketed from their owners.
* Looted preplaced corpses no longer show as unlooted after performing a save/load.
* Fixed the quality of Superb and Legendary Pollaxes.
* Keybindings for mapping Combat Speed up and down are no longer reversed.
* Druids now animate properly when they die while in a Spiritshift form.
* Players can no longer engage enemy ships during the Ukaizo fleet battle if they have no crew.
* Fixed an issue where item icons and ability icons in the crafting menu were displaying invalid images.
* Injured idle animations now play on characters who have 1 or more injuries.
* Orlans no longer lose their ears when equipped with Tricorn and Broad Brimmed hats.
* Capes should no longer get stuck inside characters.
* Vithrack now play their ambient animations.
* Scyorielophas has been updated to have more fidgets to break up his idle animation.
* Added "Sailor Overboard" as a possible event during ship combat SIs.
* VFX and animations have been added to the Luminous Adra Mill interior scene.
* It is no longer possible for the player to leave combat with Benweth after attacking him in Fort Deadlight - Command.
* Swift Flurry will no longer recursively proc infinitely.
* Characters should no longer get stuck in loading animations.
* Summoned Creature spells now benefit from the Quick Summoning passive.

Combat & Class Changes
* Level Scaling for enemies now includes +1 Armor / 3 levels & +1 Penetration / 2 levels (upward only).
* Hearth Orlan's Minor Threat racial now properly clears its effect immediately after the attack completes.
* Power Pool Glossary Entry now provides links to each class power pool.
* Strong Souled Passive now has a proper icon.
* Summoned Weapon spells now are properly keyworded and benefit from the Martial Caster passive.
* Summoned Creature spells are now properly keyworded and benefit from the Quick Summoning passive.
* Ixamitl Plains characters can now once again be Hunters.
* The "Stash" glossary entry is no longer parented under "Damage Types". "Slashing" glossary entry is now parented under "Damage Types".
* Blinded glossary entry is now parented under Perception Afflictions.
* Most directed heals have been restricted from being cast on charmed Party Members in Paladin, Priest, and Druid AI Decision Trees.
* Ship Management Tutorial will only play after acquiring sailor tales if the player has acquired their ship.
* Curse of Pain effects are now restricted to a Max Stack Count of 5 (from 10).
* Two Weapon Style Recovery -20% -> -15%
* Constellation Prize Achievement is now worth 3 Berath's Blessings (from 2).
* Paralyze is now a glossary variant for "Paralyzed".
* Passive glossary entry is now parented under the "Effects" category.
* Confuse variant added and linked to glossary entry for "Confused".
* Suppressed is now parented under "Effects" in the glossary.
* Second Wind - Now plays a Rage Anim, instead of instant
* Second Wind base heal 10 -> 15
* Second Wind Healing per Athletics 10 -> 5
* Nature Godlike +2 PL -> 1.
* Aloth and Serafen attributes modified, lowered resolve and raised perception Serafen also lost 1 dex and gained 1 might.

* Storm Blight Armors all adjusted from 0.4 Armor Speed Factor to 0.7 (to be in line with all other blights).
* Rotghast Bestiary Entry no longer attempts to override weapon data with null information.
* Lagufaeth Mage Bestiary Entry no longer attempts to override weapon data with null information.
* Engwithan Titan and Sentinel Bestiary Entries now override weapon data to match the titan's attack damage.
* Ogre Cannoneer and Deadeye Bestiary Entries now override weapon data to match the ogre's attack damage.
* All Sand Blight Bestiary Entries now override weapon data to match the blight's attack damage.
* Vine Assassin Bestiary Entry now overrides weapon data to match the Vine Assassin's attack damage.
* Attached Rathun, Magma Dragon, and Ukaizo Dragon images to their bestiary data.
* Unhid "Fiery Regeneration" from the Combat Tooltip and Bestiary of the Greater Flame Blight.
* Unhid "Weakness: Frost" from the Combat Tooltip and Bestiary of the Greater Flame Blight.
* Eoten Phrases now all have unique icons.
* Jungle Lurker and Vine Lurker Armor Speed Factor now matches other lurkers at 0.6 (from 0.5).
* Black Oozes no longer divide for a duration and their "summons" now drop loot.
* Flame Naga Archers and Warriors no longer always drop their weapons, instead they have a chance to, defined by their loot list.
* Global Reference Keywords have been created for Resistances and Weaknesses to separate them into bestiary subcategories.

* Fighter Penetrating Strike and Barbarian Barbaric Blows lowered from +25% Damage to +20%.
* Knock Down is again removed when the player upgrades to Mule Kick.
* Unbending 50% conversion to 25%.
* Unbending Trunk 75% conversion to 33%.
* Cleaving Stance - Only strikes a single enemy per kill.
* Mob Stance - Only strikes a single enemy per kill.
* Charge - Stuns enemies in the path and no longer Full Attacks.
* Fighter's Toughened Fury now has a custom display string to show chance to trigger.

* Reduced Frenzy Upgrades back to 1 Rage cost.
* Flesh Communion has no per encounter limit and has Fast Recovery.
* Added slight scaling to Berserker self-inflicted damage to keep up with health gains.
* Barbarian Leap and its upgrades now have a Very Fast Recovery time.
* Interrupting Blows 100% interrupt chance to 50%
* Barbarian's Blood Surge now has a custom display string to show chance to trigger.

* Wall of Flashing Steel now will trigger only on critical hits.
* Backstab lowered to +100% Damage bonus (from +150%).
* All Active Rogue Weapon attacks now have 1.25x damage.
* Sap now costs 1 Guile (down from 2).

* Providence now will not trigger if Sacred Sacrifice is still active.
* Eternal Devotion Proc 20% -> 10%
* Flames of Devotion Lowered from +25% Damage to +20%.
* Bleak Walker lowered from +15% Damage to +12%.
* Shared Flames Ally Damage lowered from +20% Damage to +15%.
* Sworn Enemy, Gilded Enmity and their upgrades are no longer able to be empowered.
* Sworn Enemy & Sworn Enemy Upgrades no longer stack with other active effects.
* Faith & Conviction 2.25 per disposition rank, base 8 (Range 6-10)
* Deep Faith 5 per disposition rank to 2, base 10 (range 5-15)
* Inspired Defenses 2 AR to 1 AR
* Shield Bearers Prevent Death only on allies (not self)
* Providence Zeal Cost from 2 to 3.

* Whirling Strikes refactored from outdated data type to match implementation of Heart of Fury and fixed issues with Raw Damage application on the attack.
* Takedown Combo trigger count now removes after the player has a chance to hit the enemy once with the bonus.
* Gunhawk interrupt set to 20% chance on hit with arquebus/pistol/hand mortar and 5% with blunderbuss.
* Maia's Auto-progression no longer grants "Protective Companion" and instead grants "Gunner".
* Animal Companion base penetration increased to 6 Pen for all except the Bird Companion (which did not have Best Of and so was increased to 7 Pen).
* Binding Roots and its upgrade Bond Cost 3 -> 2
* Binding Roots and its upgrade are now Small AOEs (1.5m)
* Twinned Shot 3 Bond to 2.
* Twinned Shot to +25% Damage

* Mortification of The Soul can no longer be empowered.
* Swift Strikes Action Speed 20% -> 15%
* Lightning Strikes Shock Proc 30% -> 15%
* Thunderous Blows 20s duration -> 12s
* Thunderous Blows 2 Wounds -> 3
* Monk Turning Wheel 5% proc / Wound -> 2% proc / Wound.
* Swift Flurry now only triggers additional attacks for Melee weapons.
* Inner Death - +500% Crit Damage -> +300%.
* Dichotomous Spirits now Join Team rather than Join Party.

(continued in next post)
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 07 June 2018) - Part III:

* Chanter Phrase Balance Pass, Lowered Aefyllath from 25% to 15%
* Lowered Old Seic from 20% to 12%
* Lowered Long Nights' Drink from -5 to -2
* Lowered Her Courage Thick.. from 30 to 10.
* Set all Summon Invocation Ranges to 8m (from 10m).
* Gernisc's Beast Drake Breath -> 1/Combat
* Drake Breath DoT Duration override removed 30s -> 15s
* Drake Breath push reduced from 3m to 1m.
* Chanter Drake Summons now summon a unique variant with limited use Breath Attacks and Knock Down.
* Chanter Wurm Upgrade now properly upgrades Wurm auto attack and deals small burn damage over-time.
* Mercy and Kindness Followed 100% Healing to 50%.
* Beckoner -1 Summon Invocation Cost to +1
* Beckoner remove Abjuration immunity.
* Set To Their Purpose from Brilliant to Smart.
* Skald description now has a custom override string to show chance to gain phrase on crit.

* Priest Spritual Weapon now has a base proc damage of 25% scaling up to 30% or as low as ~20% based on deity disposition.
* Consecrated Ground 7/3s -> 5/3s Heal
* Devotions for the Faithful +/- 20 Accuracy to +/- 10
* Shields for the Faithful +25 Deflection to +20
* Prayer for the Body from Average Cast to Fast Cast
* Prayer for the Spirit from Average Cast to Fast Cast
* Litany for the Body from Average Cast to Fast Cast
* Litany for the Spirit from Average Cast to Fast Cast
* Champion's Boon from Slow Cast to Average Cast
* Salvation of Time from Slow Recovery to Fast
* Incarnate summons now join team, rather than party.

* All Spiritshift granted active abilities are now able to be empowered.
* Shifter base Heal 20 -> 15
* Wildstrike Procs 20% -> 15%
* Greater Wildstrike & Wildstrike Frenzy Procs 40% -> 25%
* Moonwell 20s -> 15s duration
* Moonwell Range 5m -> 4m
* The Moon's Light Range 5m -> 8m
* Moonwell Defense Bonus +15 -> +10
* The Moon's Light 12/3s -> 8/3s Heal
* Nature's Balm 15s -> 12s Duration
* Watery Doubles now Join Team rather than Join Party.
* Cleaned up some data on Avenging Storm, removed unnecessary intermediary status effect and added a duration display override.

* Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights now targets Will instead of Reflex.
* Arcane Veil duration 20s -> 12s
* Llengrath's Warding Staff AOE now force targets the caster position and shows GUI casting indicators correctly.
* Halved the DoT effect of Meteor Shower.
* Reflexive Mirror no longer stacks with other active effects.
* Pernicious Cloud DOT now ticks properly.
* Kalakoth's Minor Blights will no longer succeed in rotating its effects if the base timer effect has ended.
* Wizard Familars now have "Natural Weapon" attacks and "Hide" armor that is uniform across each of them.
* Llengrath's Displaced Image 25 Deflection -> 10.
* Llengrath's Displaced Image 50% Hit to Graze -> 30%.
* Form of the Fearsome Brute no longer overrides the anim controller to that of an ogre's.
* Form of the Helpless beast now summons a single Boar Tusk weapon that is 2h, rather than two 2h weapons that fail to remove properly.
* Chill Fog Base Damage 10 to14 -> 6 to 10.
* Wall of Many Colors Dominated 8s -> 4s.
* Wall of Many Colors Petrified 8s -> 4s.
* Wall of Many Colors Paralyzed 10s -> 4s.
* Wall of Many Colors 20 to 35 Raw Damage -> 10 to 15.
* Wall of Many Colors 35 to 35 Corrode Damage -> 20 to 20.
* Wall of Many Colors 25 to 40 Burn Damage -> 12 to 24.
* Wall of Many Colors 20 to 50 Shock Damage -> 10 to 30.
* Wilting Wind 65 to 78 Raw Damage -> 55 to 68.
* Meteor Shower 36 to 58 Burn Damage -> 22 to 34.
* Minoletta's Missile Salvo 7 Penetration -> 6.
* Minoletta's Missile Salvo 16 to 28 Damage -> 16 to 25.
* Substantial Phantom and Essential Phantom now Join Team rather than Join Party.

* Cipher Pain Block 30s -> 18s Duration.
* Ascendant 20s base duration to 15s.
* Body Attunement +/- 5 AR to +/- 2 AR
* Time Parasite from +/- 50% Action Speed to +/- 25%
* Time Parasite bounce range from 10m to 4m.
* Soul Annihilation Focus -> Raw Damage ratio halved and Raw Damage only applies on first hit in an AOE.
* Soul Shock, Amplified Thrust, Amplified Wave, and Screaming Souls now display attack data on tooltips.

* Explosives - All scaling not based on PL is removed.
* Potion of Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage now scales with Alchemy skill.
* Superb and Legendary Morning Stars now have proper string IDs.
* Shield Quality Deflection values are doubled from 1/2/3/4 to 2/4/6/8.
* Draining mod now has a custom override string.
* Blunted Criticals lowered from -25% Crit Damage to -15%.
* Summoned Weapons are all no longer set to universal.
* Shards of Woedica now triggers only on Parent Equippable hits.
* Minor Data Cleanup on Blightheart soulbound arquebus.
* Minor Data Cleanup on Fleetbreaker unique Crossbow.
* Minor Data Cleanup on Lover's Quarrel unique Dagger.
* Summoned weapons are all set to "Cannot Sheathe" to force them into the user's hands when summoned.
* All non-unique legendary equipment data has been set to "Never Drop As Loot".
* Great Sword Modal Acc -15 -> -10.
* Great Sword Modal Dmg +50% -> +30%.
* Removed erroneous stacking and application type data from Aloth's Overseer Mod and increased to 15% size to be above ring of minor overseeing at +10%.
* Queen's Rule "Checkmate" ability no longer displays "for 0.1sec" in the log on use and will now properly Stun when moving units near exactly 2 allies.
* All Prop Items are now marked as "Never Drop As Loot".
* Reduced Stone of Power from +2 PL to +1PL.
* Fixed Swapped Quality Mods on Superb and Legendary Pollaxes.
* Rod Modal AOE now has the same Penetration as the Rod base attack.
* Cutthroat Cosmo Party Firearm Damage from 10% to 5%.
* Beakhead +1 Sleight of Hand no longer shows on the portrait.
* Baby Boar +10% Slash Damage (Party) -> +5%.
* Concelhaut Skull +2 Concelhaut Spell PL (Party) -> +1.
* Animancy Cat +2 Summon Pen -> +1.
* Multiple Pets Heal on Kill (Party) +15 Health -> +10.

Enchant Balance Changes
Magran's Favor
Burning Burst 30% Burn Proc -> 15%.
Blazing Core 25% Heal -> 15%.
Blazing Core +3 PL -> +2.
Living Pyre 10% Proc & Action Speed per proc -> 5%.
Living Pyre +3 PL -> +2.
Enduring Flame 30% Burn Proc -> 15%.
Fire In The Hole
Concealing Smoke 3.5s Duration -> 2s.
Kitchen Stove
Hurried -25% Reload Time -> -15%.
Everything and Anything 10% Slash & Crush -> 5%.
Frantic Reload -40% Reload Time -> -25%.
Wild Shot -25% Reload Time -> -15%.
Wild Shot 20s Duration -> 15s.
Wild Barrage -40% Reload Time -> -20%.
Wild Barrage +25% Damage -> +10%.
Wild Barrage 20s Duration -> 15s.
Kitchen Stove now uses "Thunderous Report" animation with the hand that the blunderbuss is equipped.
The Red Hand
Guilty Conscience 3% per stack -> 2%.
Dragon's Dowry
Blazing Fury +75% Action Speed -> +40%
Blazing Fury 25s Duration -> 20s.
Blazing Fury 3s Recovery -> 0s
Runelock Burn Proc 25% -> 20%.
Stable Runelock Burn Proc 35% -> 20%.
Volatile Runelock Burn Proc 50% -> 30%.
Dragon's Breath 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Blazing Fury 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Serpent's Rage 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Three Bells Through
Custom Cartridges -15% Recovery Time -> -10% Recovery Time
Impactful Chime +15% Damage -> +10%
Mean Drunk +20% Action Speed + Melee Damage -> +15%
Epic Hangover is now prevented by Drunkard’s Regret
Debauchery Chance 100% -> 33%.
Debauchery 4s Duration -> 3s.
Mad Drunk +30% Action Speed + Melee Damage -> +20%.
Rune Bolts +1 Accuracy / Arcana -> 0.5
Elemental Bolts +5% Proc Burn/Corrode/Freeze/Shock -> +3%
Elemental Bolts +1 Accuracy / Arcana -> 0.5
Arcane Bolts +1 Accuracy / Arcana -> 0.5
Minor Data Cleanup Pass.
Last Word
Quieting 3s Duration -> 2s.
Final Say 6s Duration -> 3s.
Silence in Death 10s Duration -> 6s.
Resounding Call
Cacophony Duration 12s -> 8s.
Added an ability link for "Thunderous Blows" in Call to Arms.
Khua Hozi
Feather Light +15% Action Speed -> 10%
Glass Walker +20% Action Speed -> 10%.
Razor Sharp - Removed null status effect from Item Mod.
Razor Sharp +25% Damage -> +15%.
Slowing Slice -10% Action Speed -> -5%.
Slowing Slice 45s Duration -> 25s.
Volcanic Heart +25% Burn Proc -> +5%.
A Whale of a Wand
Beasts Imagined 8% Chance -> 5%.
Sea Stories 10% Chance -> 5%.
Fantastic Friends Adult Drakes -> Young Drakes
Tall Tales 10% Chance -> 5.
St. Omaku's Mercy
Heavy Draw -20% Action Speed -> -10%
Heavy Draw +10% Damage -> +5%.
Heavy Draw +1% Damage / Survival -> +0.5%
Decisive Shots -40% Action Speed -> -20%
Decisive Shots +20% Damage -> +10%.
Decisive Shots +2% Damage / Survival -> +0.5%.
Sacrifice of Saints 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Saint's Grace +30% Max Action Speed -> 15%
Galawain's Harry 100% Chance Recovery on Crit -> 50%
Garland's Tears base damage 3 to 6 -> 3 to 5.
Garland's Tears Freeze Proc +25% -> +10%.
Garland's Rake base damage 5 to 10 -> 4 to 8.
Garland's Rake vs Deflection -> Reflex
Garland's Breath 8s Duration -> 4s.
Garland's Breath vs Deflection -> Reflex
Garland's Breath base damage 15 to 30 -> 15 to 25
Garland's Breath Accuracy Bonus from +5 to +0.
Suppressive Shots -20% Beneficial Duration on Hit -> -10%.
Ethereal Arrows +15% Raw Proc -> +10%
Disruptive Arrow 20s Duration -> 8s
Disruptive Arrow vs Reflex -> Deflection
Exorcising +50% Damage to Spirits -> +20%.
Purging Volley 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest
Weightless Draw 100% Chance Recovery on Crit -> 50%

(continued in next post)
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 07 June 2018) - Part IV:

Enchant Balance Changes
Death Sentence 7 Corrode Damage per Tick -> 3.
Death Sentence 10% Chance to kill on tick -> 5%.
Paralytic 7 Corrode Damage per Tick -> 3.
Paralytic 15% Chance to Paralyze on Tick -> 5%.
Relentless 45s Duration -> 30s.
Relentless +20% Action Speed -> +10%.
Battered Mind 50% Chance -> 25%
Unavoidable Demise 15% Hit to Crit -> 10%.
Lance of the Midwood Stag
Lord of the Forest +3 PL -> +2.
Wicked Beast
Cry Havoc 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Tethered Yet Untamed +20% Damage -> +5%.
Tethered Yet Untamed +8 Deflection -> +4.
Wild Heart +4 PL -> +2 PL.
Wild Heart +25% Damage vs Beast -> +20%.
Magistrate's Cudgel
Judge - Removed "Clear on Combat End" from Mark Applier so this can function in more than one fight.
Wahai Poraga
Reckless Cyclone - No Longer hits the primary target twice.
Street Sweeper
Spring Cleaning -10s Duration Hostile / Beneficial -> -5s
You Can't Be Serious 25% Chance -> 15%.
You Can't Be Serious 40s Duration -> 15s.
Is That a Broom? 33% Chance -> 15%.
Is That a Broom? 30s Duration -> 15s.
Out With the Bad -15s Duration Hostile -> -10s.
Out With the Good -20s Duration Hostile -> -10s.
Chromoprismatic Staff
Soul Charge 10% Staff Damage & Action Speed -> +5%.
Soul Charge 2.5% Action Speed / Metaphysics -> 0.5%.
Soul Charge 1.5% Staff Damage / Metaphysics -> 0.5%
Elemental Induction +25% Damage -> +15%.
Elemental Induction 12s Duration -> 10s.
Enthralled Blights +2 Acid/Electricity/Fire/Frost PL -> +1.
Enthralled Blights +5% Burn/Corrode/Freeze/Shock -> +3%.
Entropy Shield 2% Damage Reduction -> 1%.
Entropy Shield 20s Duration -> 10s.
Entropy Shield 0.3% Damage Reduction / Metaphysics -> 0.1%.
Soul Storm 10% Staff Damage & Action Speed -> 5%.
The Spine of Thicket Green
Purge Decay +25% Vessel Damage -> 20%
Eccea's Arcane Blaster
Elemental Shot: Fire 40% Chance -> 10%.
Elemental Shot: Force 50% Chance -> 20%.
Elemental Shot: Frost 20% Chance -> 5%.
Eccea's Arcane Blaster Magic Bullets effect will never bounce.
Scordeo's Trophy
Critical Shot +20% -> +15%.
Obliterating Crit +50% -> +25%.
Opening Shot -15% Recovery -> -5%.
Opening Barrage -15% Recovery -> -5%.
Opening Blitz -25% Recovery -> -10%.
Penetrating Crit 20% Damage -> +15%.
Penetrating Crit +3 Pen -> +2.
Thundercrack Pistol
Crackling Shots +25% Shock Proc -> 15%
Conductive Blast 2/Rest -> 1/Rest
Charged Field -15% Action Speed -> -10%.
Overload 3s Duration -> 2s.
Storm Rune Shot 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Thundercrack Pistol Paralyze on Crit 5s -> 3s
Thundercrack Pistol Pulse Duration 6s -> 4s
Cometfall +25% Burn Proc -> +15%.
Extinction Event 32 to 38 Base Damage -> 20 to 30.
Impacting 3s Duration -> 2s.
Meteoric 18 to 26 Base Damage -> 12 to 18.
Meteoric 10% Chance -> 5%.
Return Orbit 15% Chance -> 10%.
Sun & Moon
Twin Gods +50% Burn/Frost Proc -> +25%
Lunar Excellence 10% Chance -> 5%.
Solar Excellence 10% Chance -> 5%.
Ball and Chain
Indomitable 25% Chance -> 10%
Irrepressible +100% Damage -> +15%.
Engoliero do Espirs
Soulblade +20% Raw Proc -> +10%.
Eager Blade
Vehemence +4 Accuracy -> +2
Vehemence +8% Action Speed -> 5%.
Bounding Strikes +5 Accuracy -> +0.
Bounding Strikes 10 to 18 Base Damage -> 8 to 15.
Enraptured Blade 15% Chance -> 10%.
Kaul's Retort 25% Chance -> 15%.
Kaul's Stance +15% Damage -> +10%.
Xoti's Sickle
Soul Reaper +1% Damage / Religion -> 0.5%
Urgent Harvest 25% Action Speed -> 15%.
Urgent Harvest 1% Action Speed / Religion -> 0.5%
Urgent Harvest 30s Duration -> 10s.
Finality and Urgent Harvest are now mutually exclusive.
Acolyte's Frostbite
Freezing Lash +25% Freeze Proc -> 15%.
Freezing Bite 25% Freeze Proc -> 15%.
Freezing Bite 25% Chance -> 10%.
Freezing Gust 25% Freeze Proc -> 15%
Freezing Gust 100% Chance -> 25%
Vengeful Cold 100% Chance -> 25%
Wood Splitter +30% Damage vs Plants -> +20%.
Feller +45% Damage vs Plants -> +20%.
Grove Step 50% Health Condition -> 75%
Wood Bane +100% Damage vs Plants -> + 30%.
Aamina's Legacy
Massuk Arrows +20% Crush Proc -> +15%.
Precision Impact 10% Chance -> 5%.
Precision Impact Dwarf 15% Chance -> 10%.
Precision Impact 8s Duration -> 6s.
Drake's Legacy 15% Slash Proc -> 5%.
Ongitok Angunisag corrected mod effect names
Ongitok Angunisag 10% Chance -> 5%.
Ongitok Angunisag Dwarf 15% Chance -> 10%.
Ongitok Angunisag 8s Duration -> 6s.
Slayer of Beasts 25% Damage vs Beasts -> 10%.
Warning of Blue Water 2/Rest -> 1/Rest
Maiming 20% Damage -> 15%.
Valiant Demise complete data refactor
Valiant Demise 60s Duration -> 20s. (This effect was actually infinite and entirely permanent, but was stating 60s)
Valiant Demise 2.5m -> 1.5m.
Valiant Demise No longer attacks only those hostile to the player, but instead checks vs the wielder of the weapon
Determined Demise & Inspiring Demise no longer check the health of the weapon, but now check the owner.
Red Tear 20 base Heal -> 35
Red Quickening 25 base Heal -> 35
Sanguine Great Sword
Weeping Wounds 12s Duration -> 6s
Necrotic Blade 20% Chance Necrotic Lance -> 15%.
Necrotic Heart 30% Chance Necrotic Lance -> 25%.
Necrotic Heart -6 Corrode Armor -> -3.
Necrotic Heart 15% Corrode Proc -> 10%.
Soul Drinker 15% Raw Proc -> 10%.
Soul Drinker 20% Damage Self -> 10%.
Soul Drinker 25 Health on Kill -> 15.
Whispers of the Endless Paths
Heavy Blade 20% Crush Proc -> 15%.
Two-hander - Cone attack is now set to Hostile only.
Offensive Parry +5 Deflection -> +4.
Offensive Parry 12 to 14 Base Damage -> 8 to 12.
Spinning Assault 2/Encounter -> 1/Encounter.
Kapana Taga
Kapana Taga is now a club.
Razor Bladed Bludgeon 10% Raw Proc -> 5%.
Staggering Force 20% Chance -> 10%.
Champion's Relic 5% Damage / Engaged Target -> 3%.
Lone Champion +5 Deflection -> +4.
Hel Beckoning
Tainted Blade 3% Corrode Proc / Stack -> 2%.
Corrupted Blade 3% / Stack -> 2%.
Corrupted Blade 20 Max Stacks -> 15.
Corrupted Blade removed hidden 50% Chance to Apply data error.
Feather Light +15% Action Speed -> 10%.
Drawing Cut +30 Accuracy -> 15.
Drawing Cut +25% Damage -> 10%.
Drawing Parry +20 Deflection -> +15.
Drawing Parry 15s Duration -> 8s.
Drawing Parry - Removed erroneous hidden "Threatened By >= 1" requirement for Drawing Parry to activate.
Flesh Seeking 50% Miss to Graze -> 25%.
Heart Seeking +20% Crit Damage -> 10%.
Griffin's Blade
Loyal Companion 15s Duration -> 12s.
Loyal Companion - Now Checks owner health rather than weapon health.
Howling Blade 100% Chance -> 50%
Hound's Speed +15% Action Speed -> +10%.
Gladiator Sword
Skrim +15% Melee Damage -> +10%
Watcher's Blade
Soul Severing +15% Raw Proc -> 10%.
Soul Shredding +25% Raw Proc -> 20%.
Whispers of Yenwood
Soul Cutter +25% Damage vs Spirits -> +20%.
Unfailing 50% Miss to Graze -> 25%.
Unfailing 25% Graze to Hit -> 10%.
Unfaltering only applies on Crits during combat
Unfaltering 5 Max Stack -> 4.
Whetted +15% Crit Damage -> +10%.
Rust's Poignard
Bring Low 7s Duration -> 6s.
Coup de Grace +100% Damage -> +35%.
Shank +8.5% Action Speed / Stack -> +3%.
Twist the Knife - DoT Game Data was deleted, recreated this and set it up properly.
Twist the Knife 6 Damage -> 5.
Twist the Knife 12s -> 9s.
Unseen Killer 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Azure Blade
Cloak and Dagger 4 allies -> 3.
Cloak and Dagger 4m -> 2m.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time 50% Chance -> 25%.
Eager Lover 15 Max Stacks -> 10.
Stalker's Patience
Ambushing +1% Damage / Stealth -> +0.5%
Hamstringing 25% Chance -> 10%.
Mercy Strike 33% Chance -> 20%.
Mortal Wounds 20% Damage over time -> 15%.
Standoff 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Watershaper's Focus
Brackish Arc 12s -> 8s.
Brackish Arc +15% Corrode Proc -> +10%.
Ondra's Wrath +2 Water / Frost PL -> +1.
Ondra's Wrath 15% Chance -> 5%.
Rod of the Deep Hunter
Crushing Depths +5% Recovery Time -> 3%.
Amira's Wing
Forceful Gusts 15% Chance -> 5%.
Hylea's Embrace +20% Healing -> +10%.
Master of Gales +2 PL -> +1 PL.
Hylean Squall 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Aldris Blade of Captain Crow
Storm Blade +15% Shock Proc -> 10%
Corvid's Bounty +10 Health on Crit -> +8.
Squid's Grasp
Attempted Parley +30% Action Speed -> +20%.
Cirono's Mercy 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Rannig's Wrath
Flurry +15% Action Speed -> 10%.
Flanking +25% Damage -> 10%.
Insistence +20% Chance -> 10%.
Redoublement +2 Penetration -> +1.
Retreat 10s Duration -> 5s.
Tuotilo's Palm
Balanced Shield custom strings
Outward Spikes custom strings
Mohora Tanga
Harpooning - Remove Survival Skill Scaling from Penetration
Harpooning +10% Damage -> +5% Damage.
Harpooning +1% Damage / Survival -> +0.25%
Gaff 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Heave-to 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Mince-to 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Mince-to 25s Duration -> 10s.
Mince-to +50% Attack Speed -> +30%.
Tarn's Respite
Cold Steel +20% Freeze Proc -> +15%.
Deep Freeze -2% Action Speed / Stack -> -1%.
Scordeo's Edge
Highwayman (extra value set for token)
Double Strike 10% Chance -> 5%.
Blade Cascade 10% Chance -> 5%.
Blade Cascade 3s -> 5s.
Tempest 20% Chance -> 10%.
Strategic Shot +4 Accuracy / Stack -> +3.
Grave Calling
Frosted Edge +3% Freeze Proc / Stack -> +2%.
Frozen Edge +3% Freeze Proc / Stack -> 2%.
Frozen Edge 20 Max Stacks -> 15.
Grave Bound 5s Duration -> 3s.
Beza's Toothed Blade
Biting Cuts - Removed Stacking on this effect.
Biting Cuts 30s Duration -> 10s.
First Blood - Removed Stacking on this effect.
First Blood 5% Action Speed -> 10%.
First Blood 30s Duration -> 10s.
First Blood 50% Health Threshold -> 75%.

(continued in next post)
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 07 June 2018) - Part V:

Enchant Balance Changes
Rending Cuts 45s Duration -> 10s.
Rending Cuts - Removed Stacking on this effect.
Sasha's Singing Scimitar
Shocking Prelude +1% Action Speed / Chanter Phrase -> 2%.
Shocking Prelude +3% Shock Proc / Chanter Phrase -> 2%.
Refreshing Finale's triggering effect is no longer permanent.
Min's Fortune
Lucky Strike +20% Crit Damage -> +15%.
Claim the Husk 20s Duration -> 15s.
Claim the Will 25s Duration -> 15s.
The Eye of Wael
Obfuscation 25% Chance -> 10%.
Illusive Spell 10% Chance -> 5%.
Shrouded Strike 25% Chance -> 10%.
The Hundred Visions +3 PL -> +2.
Keybreaker Scepter
Revelation - Removed Attacks Can Bounce
Misotheist 50% Chance -> 20%.
Mundane Shell
Arcane Interference 20% Resist Evocation/Conjuration/Illusion -> 15%.
Apostatism 33% Resist Punishment/Condemnation -> 15%.
Arcane Suppression 30% Resist Evocation/Conjuration/Illusion -> 25%.
Xoti's Latern
Threshing Aura 1% Damage / Religion -> 0.25%.
Light of the Dawnstar 10% Resist -> 5%.
Light of the Dawnstar - Now only affects Hostile Spells.
Light of the Dawnstar 1% Resist / Religion -> 0.25%.
Shimmer Scale
Thermal Ablation +3 Burn Armor -> +2.
Nerian's Ward
Father's Aegis -10% Incoming Damage -> -5%.
Father's Aegis -25% Max Incoming Damage -> -15%.
Lethandria's Devotion
Hardened Crystal -25% Crit Damage -> -15%.
Pale Light - 3 Health / Tick -> 1.
Lustrious Crystal 25% Chance -> 15%.
Nourishing Light 3 Health / Tick -> 1.
Sheltering Light 3 Health / Tick -> 1.
Captivating Crystal 100% Chance -> 50%
Bronlar's Phalanx
Stand Firm +2 Armor -> +1.
Akola's Apex Ward
Hard Counter 25% Chance -> 15%.
Blood Rage +15% Damage -> +10%.
Shark's Frenzy 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Shark's Frenzy 30s Duration -> 15s.
Shark Teeth Counter 35% Chance -> 25%.
Shining Bulwark
Defensive Beacon +2 Armor -> +1.
Defensive Beacon 5m -> 2m
Defensive Beacon - No longer clears its bonuses on Combat End.
Captain's Favor 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Cadhu Scalth
Soul Smite 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Heavy Shard - Scaling 0.5 / Athletics -> 0.25
Luminous Dissonance 0.9 -> 0.95 Incoming Spell Damage
Luminous Harmony 0.9 -> 0.95 Incoming Damage
Luminous Harmony/Dissonance Scaling -0.005 -> -0.0025 / Metaphysics
Gipon Prudensco
Bravado 30s Duration Fit/Resolute -> 15s.
No Fool, I +2 Deflection / Stack -> +1.
No Fool, I +4 Reflex / Stack -> +2.
Safety at a Distance 10% Resistance against Ranged -> 5%
Cabalist's Gambeson
Arcane Containment -15% Hostile Duration -> -10%.
Arcane Extension +15% Beneficial Duration -> +10%.
Retaliatory Runes 15% Spell Reflect -> 10%.
Sharpshooter's Garb
Return Fire 25% Hit to Crit -> 15%.
Steel Threaded +2 Slash AR -> +1.
Blackened Plate Armor
Cycle of Decay -75% Damage taken Decay/Poison/Disease -> -50%.
Contentment in Pain 60s Duration Mind Inspiration -> 30s.
Life in Death +6 Health (Max) -> +4.
Usher's Beckoning +2 Engagements -> +1.
Magnera's Chain
Blade-Biting +10% Recovery / Stack -> +5%.
Blade Biting 40s Duration -> 20s.
Magnera's Commitment +15 Fort/Will -> +10.
Outlaw's Instincts +15 Refl vs Ranged -> +10.
Outlaw's Instincts +10 Defl vs Ranged -> +5.
The Bloody Links
Feed the Chain +20% Action Speed -> +15%
Patinated Plate
Heavy Rebound 4s Duration Stun -> 3s.
Constant Rebound 40% Chance -> 30%.
Deltro's Cage
Shock Shield 1/Encounter -> 2/Rest.
Iridescent Scale
Burn Refraction -20% Burn Damage Taken -> -15%.
Corrode Refraction -20% Corrode Damage Taken -> -15%.
Freeze Refraction -20% Freeze Damage Taken -> -15%.
Shock Refraction -20% Shock Damage Taken -> -15%.
Saint's War Armor
Rock Solid -15% Crush Damage Taken -> -10%.
Veteran's Scars -15% Slash Damage Taken -> -10%.
Like a Steel Trap - Removed Resolve Resistance.
Miscreant's Leathers
Deft Motion -15% Recovery Time -> -10%.
Chest Guard -20% Crit Damage Taken -> -10%.
Kidney Guard -35% Damage Taken Disengagement/Flanking -> -10%.
"Lucky" mod on Miscreant's Leather now only triggers on hostile attacks.
Aloth's Leather Armor
Known Causality +5 Defenses vs Transmutation/Evocation/Illusion -> +10.
Garari Cuirass
Layered -10% Damage taken from Weapons -> -5%.
Primeval -10% Damage taken from Spells -> 5%.
Rugged Construction - Remove Constitution Resistance.
Treated Scutum 20% Hit to Graze -> 15%.
Boiled Leather 15% Hit to Graze -> 5%.
Hardened Buckskin -20% Crit Damage Taken -> -10%.
Swift Hunter's Garb
Lithe Motion -15% Recovery Time -> -5%.
Lithe Motion 25% Crit to Hit -> 10%.
Girded Flanks -20% Melee Damage Taken while Flanked -> -15%.
Hunter's Stride +15% Stride -> +5%.
Pale Hide
Cornered Beast +10 Deflection while Flanked -> +8.
Nocturnal Vigor -20% Recovery Time at Night -> -10%.
Reckless Brigandine
Go Not Quietly +10% Action Speed -> +5%.
Go Not Quietly +20% Action Speed / Engaged Target -> +3%.
Into The Breach +1 Armor -> +0.
Into The Breach +3 Max Armor by Health -> +2.
Into The Breach +5% Damage -> +0%.
Into The Breach +50% Max Damage by Health -> +20%.
Seeing Red 12s Duration -> 9s.
Seeing Red 3 Health / 3s -> 1.
Seeing Red 15 Max Health / 3s by Health -> 5.
Nomad's Brigandine
Pull Back -50% Damage taken from Disengagement -> -25%.
Feigned Retreat -60% Damage taken from Disengagement Attacks -> -25%.
Feigned Retreat 50% Reflect Disengagement -> 25%.
Five Sun's Breastplate
Defiant 25% Max Damage Reduction by missing health -> 15%.
Bracciao Rugo 25% Max Damage Done by missing health -> 15%.
Desgraza Brastplate
Defiant 25% Max Damage Reduction by missing health -> 15%.
Recompienza 25% Max Damage Reduction by missing health -> 15%.
Honor Guard Breastplate
Defiant 25% Max Damage Reduction by missing health -> 15%.
Pride of the Ducs +10 All Defenses by missing health -> +8.
Casita Samelia's Legacy
Confrontation +0.5 Deflection / Intimidate -> +0.25.
Scars and Memories 50% Chance to Retaliate -> 25%.
Ardent Will +30 Max Will by Health -> +20.
Furrante's Breastplate
Vigilance +2 Concentration -> +1.
First to the Fight 30s Duration -> 10s.
Intervention 1/Encounter -> 1/Rest.
Love of Life +15% Healing -> +10%.
Vigorious Protector -15% Damage Taken -> -10%.
Devil of Caroc Breastplate
Articulated -20% Recovery Time -> -10%.
Heart of Bronze - Remove Resistance to Dexterity/Might Afflictions
Mechanical Mind - Remove Resistance to Perception/Resolve Afflictions.
Devil's Due +4 Health / 9s -> +2.
Devil's Due 9s Duration -> 6s.
Enemies' Blades 20% Chance to Resist Slash -> 10%.
Accuser's Spears 20% Chance to Resist Pierce -> 10%.
Persecutor's Blows 20% Chance to Resist Crush -> 10%.
Effigy's Husk
Contempt 50% Chance for Affliction -> 25%.
Contempt 12s Duration -> 10s.
Skaen's Hatred 75% Health Threshold -> 50%.
Spider Silk Robe
Poison Master +3 Poison PL -> +2.
Helm of the Falcon
Falcon's Wings 20% Hit to Graze w/ Ranged -> 15%.
Raptor's Grip -20% Recovery w/ 2H -> -10%.
Blackblade's Hood
Hawk-eye +2 Perception -> +1
Hawk-eye +15% Hit to Crit w/ Ranged -> +5%.
Duelist +25% Action Speed w/ Daggers, Rapiers, Stilettos -> +10%.
Huana Charm Belt
Wayfarer +20% Stride -> +15%.
Girdle of Mortal Protection
Mortal Protection 20% Crit to Hit -> 15%.
Nature's Embrace
All Seasons +3 AR Burn, Freeze -> +2.
Soul Barrier -35% Raw Damage Taken -> -25%.
Blackened Core +3 Corrode AR -> +2.
Ring of the Solitary Wanderer
Lone Wolf 12m Range -> 20m.
The Maker's Own Power
Reforge the Flesh 12s Duration -> 6s.
Reforge the Flesh 20 Health / Tick -> 10.
Reforge the Flesh 3s Tick Rate -> 1s.
Shaped by the Hammer +2 Crush AR -> +1.
The Amazing and Truly Incredible Instant Potion Belt
Alchemist's Cache 3 Potions per combat -> 1.
Upright Captain's Belt
Hold Fast +2 Constitution -> +1.
The Undying Burden
Grit -10% Incoming Damage -> 0%.
Grit -30% Max Incoming Damage -10%.
Spell Defense +All Defenses except Deflection vs Spells -> +All Defenses vs Spells
Ngati's Girdle
Fathom's Redress 20% Chance when Crit to cast AOE -> 10%.
Wavebreaker +2 Crush Armor -> +1.
Against the Tide +2 Athletics -> +1.
Entonia Signet Ring
Inviolate +3 All Defenses / Engager-> +2.
Ring of the Marksman
Marksmanship +8 Accuracy with Ranged Weapons -> +4.
Flame Ward +4 Burn AR -> +3
Halgot's Warmth
Warmth +3 Priest Restoration PL -> +1
Halgot's Warmth Armor from +3 to +2.
Kuaru's Prize
+10% Damage with Spells -> +5%.
Woedica's Strangling Grasp
Twice Burned +3 Burn AR -> +2.
Slugger +2 Might -> +1 Might.
Slugger 50% Chance to Prone on Melee Crit -> 15%.
Reeling Blow 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Elementalist's Bracers
Spellbind 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Gauntlet's of Greater Reliability
Of Greater Reliability 30% Miss to Graze w/ proficient weapons -> 25%.
Lightning Wrangler 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Shock Repulsion 33% Chance to Reflect Electricity -> 20%.
Storm Blows - Change from w/ Melee vs Deflection -> Melee Weapon.
Storm Blows 100% Chance for shock damage on Crit -> 20%.
Firethrower's Gloves
Spellbending +2 Evocation PL -> +1.
Aegor's Swift Touch
Rapidity +10% Action Speed w/ weapons -> 5%.
Bullet Catch 50% Chance vs Ranged Weapon -> 5%.
Bullet Catch 50% incoming damage vs Ranged Weapon -> 0%.
Fair Favor
Swashbuckling +15% Hit to Crit Chance -> 10%.
Swashbuckling +20% Crit Damage w/ Daggers, Rapiers, Sabres, Stilettos, and Swords -> +10%.
Acina's Tricorn
Shootist -20% Reload Time -> -10%.
Mask of the Grotto Deep
Deadly Acumen +2 Poison PL -> +1.
Shadow Fang 8 Damage /6s for 60s -> 4 Damage.
Shadow Fang 60s Duration -> 30s.
Toxic Coils 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Deltro's Cage Helm
Conduit 30s Duration -> 10s.

(continued in next post)
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 07 June 2018) - Part VI:

Enchant Balance Changes
Death's Maw
Death Runes 30s Duration -> 10s.
Okura's Kettle
Boil Over 33% Chance to Boiling Spray when Crit in Melee -> 10%.
Seasoned Iron +2 Burn AR -> +1.
Heaven's Cacophony
Shout of Hosts 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Thaos' Headdress
Mantle of Authority +10 Will Aura vs Mind Aff -> +5.
Conspirator +10% Damage vs Flanked -> +5%.
Serpent Crown
Serpent's Strike -25% Recovery when crit -> -10%.
Serpents Strike 15s Duration -> 5s.
Copperhead's Helm
-20% Damage from Spells -> -10%.
Whitewitch Mastk
Fearful Geometries +2 Illusion PL -> +1.
Gaze and Despair 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Footprints of Ahu Taka
Path of Mercy +15% Healing -> +10%.
Rakhan Field Boots
On Sodden Peat +3 Corrode AR -> +2.
Boots of the Stone
Firm Foundation +2 Resolve -> +1.
Shorewalker Sandals
Certain Stride +20% Stride -> +10%.
Boots of the White
Fur Lining +3 Freeze AR -> +2.
Shod for Winter +2 Resolve -> +1.
Nemnok's Cloak
Blessed in Spirit - No longer checks item health, now checks owner.
Built for Pain - No longer checks item health, now checks owner.
Cursed to Endure - No longer checks item health, now checks owner.
Life of Suffering +10% Damage Taken -> +15%.
Parabolic Weave 20% Chance to reflect spells -> 10%.
Parabolic Weave - Now only reflects Hostile spells.
Visual Refraction +8 Deflection vs Ranged Weapons -> +5.
Rekvu's Scorched Cloak
Bloodfire 20% Healing from Burn Damage Taken -> 10%.
Ragged Cloak
Vestment of Skaen 9 to 15 Raw Retaliate -> 5 to 8.
Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak
Bushwack +15% Damage from Stealth -> +5%.
Bushwack +10 Accuracy from Stealth -> +5 .
Stormturner Cloak
Oilskin +3 AR vs Water -> +0.
Oilskin +7 Max AR vs Water -> +3.
Neither Sleet +1 Freeze AR -> +0.
Neither Sleet +5 Max Freeze AR -> +0.
Nor Storm +1 Shock AR -> +0.
Nor Storm +5 Max Shock AR -> +3.
Mantle of the Seven Bolts
Grounded +3 Shock AR -> +2.
Final Storm +5 Accuracy -> +0.
Ruata's Walking Cloak
Unburdened +20% Stride -> +15%.
Unburdened +1% Stride / Survival -> +0.5%.
Boots of Stability
Surefooted -50% Hostile Dexterity Affliction Duration -> -25%.
Boots of Speed
Moving Target +25 Deflection vs Disengagement -> +15.
The Magnificent Escape Cape
Neither Here Nor There +20 Deflection vs Disengagement -> +10.
The Giftbearer's Cloth
Steward of Memories +1 All Defenses (except Deflection) / History -> +0.5.
Violet Redemption
Rebuttal in Blood - 100% Chance to Recover Instantly when Crit in melee -> 20%.
Pernicious Retribution +3% Melee Damage / Stack (max 5) -> 2%.
Pernicious Retribution +3% Action Speed / Stack (max 5) -> 2%.
Charm of Bones
Lay Unto Slumber - +10 Accuracy vs Vessels -> +5.
Cauldron Shard
Transmuted Iron 33% Chance to convert Acid/Poison to Health -> 20%.
Transmuted Iron 15% Health conversion -> 20%.
Poison Purge 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Acid Repulsion +2 Corrode AR -> +1.
Claim and Refusal
Claim +15% Melee Damage -> +10%.
Refusal -10% Incoming Melee Damage -> -10%
Bone Setter's Torc
Anatomist +15% Healing Done -> +10%.
Anatomist +10% Hit to Crit -> +5%.
Baubles of the Fin
Cruelty and Curios +5% Damage -> 3%.
Dragon Pendant
Breath of Flame - All Damage Type DoT -> Burn.
Sisyfos Stone
Futility 35s Duration -> 15s.
Protective Eothasian Charm
Darkest Before Dawn 15s Duration of Heal effect -> 12s.
Darkest Before Dawn -75% Incoming Damage Taken -> -25%.
Strand of Favor
Ward of Favor -15% Hostile Effect Duration -> -10%.
Boon of Favor +15% Beneficial Effect Duration -> +10%.
Heart-Chime Amulet
Nimbus of Death 10% Chance to Destroy -> 5%.
Nimbus of Death can no longer trigger on non-hostiles.
Heartfire 100% Chance to convert Fire Damage to Health -> 20%.
Nature's Shelter -15% Incoming Damage -> -5%.
Water of Life 50% Health from Water Damage -> 20%.
Water of Life 100% Chance to convert Water Damage to Health -> 30%.
Winged Steps +25% Stride -> +10%.
Winged Steps +20 Disengage Deflection -> +15.
Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone
Shifting Chroma -10% Damage Taken -> -5%.
Shifting Chroma 20% Chance to reflect Spells -> 10%.
Helstone +10% Chance to Reflect Spells -> 10%.
Amulet of Clear Skies
Minor Spellbing: Sunbeam 2/Rest -> 1/Rest.
Rotward Amulet
Rotward 50% Resist Poison, Disease, and Decay -> 15%.
Tears of Saint Makawo
Martyr's Memories +2 Spell AR -> 1.
Martyr's Memories 30s Duration -> 12s.
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Changelog for Patch (added 21 June 2018):

Fixes and Updates

Major Issues
* Client no longer crashes when choosing Quit to Desktop.
* Mac builds will no longer allow you to toggle the Fullscreen setting via the OSX Menu Dock Bar or via Command+F. This was done to prevent a crash that occurs when doing this action.

* Crew members now heal properly in the Resting Crew slot when there are adequate Medicine supplies.

User Interface
* News feed no longer clips with Title Screen menu after quitting to Title Screen.
* Store and Ship results now handle Scaling Text size better and layering of UI has been fixed in a few places.
* Fixed the Appearance Customization window not scaling down on smaller resolutions.

* Strange whiny sound effect no longer plays when opening the main menu.

* Onekaza will now properly start Taking Out the Traders quest if you've completed all prior quests in the Huana faction.
* Castol will now offer you A Glimpse Beyond if players have completed Storms of Poko Kohara and He Waits in Fire and haven't talked to Flaune Elette before ever talking to Castol.
* It's now possible to return Terms of Trade and Storms of Poko Kohara to Director Castol in the event of Alvari having been banished by the VTC council.

* Fixed skinning issues on Naked Dwarf bodies.
* Fixed lighting issue in Fort Deadlight that exposed some flip tiles.
* Various fixes to Partial Hair when head slot item is equipped.
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Changelog for Patch (added 03 July 2018) - Part I:

New Features
* Added mod support for character backgrounds, voice sets, and Classes.
* Mod Manager has been added to the settings on the Main menu.
* The Player Stash now has a search feature.
* Holding shift while selling things from your stash will now add items without prompting the player about stack sizes.
* Reputation screen now displays the player choices that led to changes with the companions's relationship.
* New UI for Crew Injuries has been Added.
* Added UI to recommend which companions to bring on quests relevant to those companions.

Major Fixes
* Fixed an issue where party members who were knocked out during a save state would be dead but still be in the party upon loading the save.
* Players no longer spiritshift when drinking from the pool at Outcast's Respite. This was causing issues with equipment missing upon loading a save where the user was spiritshifted.
* Various CPU performance improvements have been made across the game.

* Players can no longer pickpocket their party members that aren't in the current party.
* Fixed an issue where Vela would disappear from the player ship when wanting to bark at a party member.
* Xoti no longer gain's anti-Eothas disposition when talking to Waenglith.

User Interface
* The tool tip that breaks down player health in the character sheet now displays the proper amount of health.
* All active animal companion abilities now properly display on both the Ranger and animal companion ability bars.
* Fixed problems with the ability bar detecting the active/queued state of modal abilities in no modal group.
* UI windows related to Pillars I Histories are now layering properly.

~ Spoilers ~
* Hazanui will now properly move to the brass citadel docks to show you the submarine if you return to her at the Rauataian HQ after dealing with the queen/prince.
* Dispatching Hamuto after intimidating his men will no longer break Bertenno's reaction when the fight ends.
* Captain Vilami will no longer talk about setting an ambush at the vault if peace has been achieved between the Valeras and the Bardattos.
* Fixed conversation with Nemnok where conversation would end prematurely and quest would not progress.
* Pirates loyal to Furrante in Balefire Beacon during Aeldys' release from the tower will no longer remain hostile after Aeldys returns to the Consuaglo to take control of the faction.
* Undercroft pirates will return to being peaceful, once, if you had run into hostilities with them and then received Goods and Services from Aeldys. The pirates won't tolerate a second attack even if working for Aeldys or Mad Morena
* Ensured that Lil Woody appears in Dunnage if The Man of Chimes quest is at the appropriate stage.
* Prince Aruihi won't assume to have given you Trade Secrets if you've found the Undercroft before you talk to him and choose to leave his intro conversation without receiving Trade Secrets.
* If players chose to siphon Sciorielaphas' soul and set him free, they will no longer improperly see him in the scene after leaving and returning to the Guild Ruins.
* Ensured that Benweth disappears from the Court if he was summoned there for the party and then to the ramparts after his ship is stolen.
* Shadow Under Neketaka will now always update properly when meeting Guildmaster Mairu
* Attacking RDC leaders after receiving The Final Maneuver quest will properly close off RDC progress and start The City Lost to Time.
* Fixed an issue where players could start the quest, Hunting Season, twice.
* Fixed an issue where players could start the quest, Bekarna's Folly, twice.

* Sky Dragon Wurmling pet now properly appears when importing Pillars of Eternity 1 saves
* Fog of War & Line of sight calculations have been made more precise.
* Player Ship now always displays a World Map icon (addresses rare instances where the game could get stuck in this state previously)
* Heart of Fury has been removed from the default AI behavior so as not to proc too soon and use rage when enemies are not in melee.
* Close to Board now deals less damage to player ships to better match a player continuously moving at Full Sail.
* The in-game year has been fixed to show the year 2828.
* Enemies affected by Dismissal no longer stay alive and become permanently untargetable.
~ Spoilers ~
* Nemnok's party wide effect now lasts as long as he is equipped.
* Party members are no longer incorrectly indicating that they want to talk upon arriving in Ukaizo.
* Achievement "Infamous Captain" should now properly complete as soon as players get into combat with their crew during a mutiny.
* Arquebus "The Red Hand" is now obtainable in Ernezzo's storeroom.
* Modwyr's Eager Lover bonus can now only be gained when attacking hostile characters preventing players from exploiting and going into combat with the beneficial effect.
* Fixed exploit where players could obtain infinite experience by unlocking Castol's office door, then save, load the save, then unlock the door again.
* Fixed an issue where players could have their party members run past the scene barrier and not be seen in the Old City.
* Yellow-Eye Three will no longer confront you about sneaking around if you've received Arkemyr's invitation.
* The hidden door in the Drowned Barrows no longer displays and allows players to transition to the next area without triggering the hidden switch.
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Changelog for Patch (added 03 July 2018) - Part II:

Other Changes
* Monastic Unarmed Training now replaces the character's default unarmed attack with the base Monk attack.
* 2H Melee Weapons have each received +1 additional Penetration.
* Effigy's Resentment Zahua +15% Buff Duration -> +5%.
* Effigy's Resentment Caroc +1 Pen While Stealthed -> +1 Weapon Penetration vs Kith.
* Charmed is now removed if the charmed character is damaged by their new allies.
* Alchemy Skill no longer affects "Poison" keyworded spells and abilities. (It still affects applied poison consumables)
* Prices of Galleon and Junk ships have been doubled.
* FogOfWar now resets its "Disabled" state when OnGameStateReset events are called.
* Consumables are no longer affected by Might, Intellect, or Perception bonuses.
* Consumables now only scale up from their respective skill and status effects that modify Power Level (they are longer affected by character level).
* Consumable effects were also re-balanced to scale from base level 0 upwards (to match skill advancement from 0). This will also prevent penalties from appearing when using higher skill items.
* Figurine Items are now charged items with an additional limit of 1/Rest use.
* Class Role entries are no longer hidden in the glossary.
* Marine Godlike Water immunity now only applies to hostile effects.
* Removed game data related to cut ability "Gift of Hope".

Class Changes
* Power Strike and Staggered Strike AOE is now Foe Only.
* Unbending Discipline Cost 3 -> 2.
* Unbending Shield Discipline Cost 3 -> 2.
* Unbending Trunk Discipline Cost 3 -> 2.
* Refreshing Defense - Concentration bonus now also refreshes duration.
* Refreshing Defense - No longer caps at +10 seconds (5 hits).

* Barbarian Frenzy abilities now properly check subclass for visibility, not ability ownership. (Berserkers should now be able to properly select Frenzy upgrades)
* Leap and Panther's Leap are now Loud on impact, Dragon's Leap is now Extremely Loud on impact.
* Heart of Fury is no longer included the default Barbarian Aggressive Behavior set.

* Trickster Gaze of the Adragan Guile Cost 3 -> 2.
* Trickster Wall of Many Colors Guile Cost 4 -> 3.
* Trickster Sneak Attack penalty -20% Damage -> -10%.
* Trickster now also acquires wizard illusion spells at PL 2, 4, 6, and 8.
* Eliminating Blow only applies Shaken to secondary targets, as suggested by its upgrade string.

* Shieldbearer LoH prevent death Duration 5s -> 4s.
* Virtuous Triumph 100% Zeal on Kill -> 25% Chance on Kill.
* Hands of Light Zeal Cost 1 -> 2.
* Greater Lay on Hands Zeal Cost 1 -> 2.
* Enemy Paladin AI now shares AI cooldowns between different Lay on Hands types.

* Binding Roots now has the Plant keyword.
* Thorny Roots now has the Plant keyword.
* Thorny Roots Penetration 0 -> 7.
* Master's Call and Binding Roots are no longer mutually exclusive with each other.
* Marked Prey and Marked for the Hunt can no longer be empowered, since they gain nothing from additional PL.
* Evasive Fire - Base damage from 20 to 36 -> 15 to 20.

* Torment's Reach no longer mentions deprecated Crush damage
* Torment’s Reach now targets Deflection on the primary target
* Torment’s Reach now benefits from +25% weapon damage.
* Torment's Reach and Raised Torment no longer Stagger or Stun the primary target.
* Rooting Pain - 100% Chance on Wound -> 33%.
* Flagellant's Path, Launching Kick, and Shared Pain now deal crush damage to enemies in the path, instead of Full Attacks.

* The Lights Danced Across the Moor summons now use the appropriate wisp character stats (with distract attack).
* Seven Nights She Waited projectiles destroy after hitting a target.
* Her Tears Fell Like Rain projectiles destroy after hitting a target.
* Her Tears Fell Like Rain secondary damage 15 to 23 -> 6 to 12.
* At The Sound of His Voice The Killers Froze Stiff 6s Paralyze -> 4s.
* And Their Fear Followed 6s Paralyze -> 4s.
* And Their Fear Followed Phrase Cost 4 -> 3.
* Hel-Hyraf and its upgrade now target Deflection.
* And Evil Turned Away From The Sun now properly grants immunity to resolve afflictions and properly damages Spirits and Vessels, it now also no longer gains additional projectiles from PL scaling.

* Iconic Projection now extends its attack information to the attack bar tooltip.
* Suppress Affliction 5m Range -> 8m.
* Barbs of Condemnation -5 Defenses -> -10.
* Holy Meditation 10s Duration -> 15s.
* Repulsing Seal Interrupt (Prone) on Hit -> Graze.
* Warding Seal Penetration 7 -> 9.
* Priest of Wael variant of "Gaze of the Adragan" is now defined as PL 7 (the same level it is acquired).
* Barring Death's Door 10s Duration -> 8s.
* Triumph of the Crusaders base Healing 200 -> 80.
* Divine Terror 15s Duration Frighten -> 20s.
* Magran's Faith Attuned Proc status effect now stacks up to 2 times to support dual wielding weapons with the exact same effect.
* Skaen's Faith Attuned Proc status effect now stacks up to 2 times to support dual wielding weapons with the exact same effect.

* Spiritshift will now continue to provide equipment bonuses while in spiritshift form (excluding armor and weapons).
* Spiritshift no longer scales duration with Power Level (Form Weapons and Armor will still scale).

* Citzal's Enchanted Armory no longer removes all of the Wizard's other equipment.
* Flame Shield now extends its attack information to the attack bar tooltip.
* Form of the Fearsome Brute will now continue to provide equipment bonuses while in ogre form (excluding armor and weapons).
* Confusion Slow Cast -> Average Cast.
* Confusion Fast Recovery -> Average Recovery.
* Concelhaut's Draining Missiles now properly returns health for each missile that impacts the target.
* Gaze of the Adragan Slow Cast -> Average.
* Substantial Phantom unique progression table now grants the proper wizard spells and wizard AI necessary to cast Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Necrotic Lance, and Arduous Delay of Motion.
* Essential Phantom and Substantial Phantom now receive copies of the wizard's weapons when summoned.
* Wall of Force now uses the proper icon for its trap ability.
* Minoletta's Concussive Missiles 5 Projectiles Base -> 3.
* Minoletta's Concussive Missiles Base Damage 10 to 13 -> 7 to 10.
* Minoletta's Concussive Missiles AOE Base Damage 7 to 8 -> 4 to 6.
* Deleterious Alacrity of Motion to also grant +15% Action Speed.
* Deleterious Alacrity of Motion effects now all have the same base duration.
* Wizard Subclass +20% Recovery Time -> +10%.
* Reordered Wizard Subclass effects to show bonuses before penalties.
* Wizard Subclass +1PL -> +2 PL.
* Kalakoth's Minor Blights +20 Accuracy removed from attack.
* Kalakoth's Minor Blights 5 Penetration -> 7 Penetration.
* Kalakoth's Minor Blights 10m range -> 8m.
* Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Average Cast -> Slow Cast.
* Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Average Recovery -> Fast Recovery.
* Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Duration 20s -> 15s.
* Ryngrim's Enervating Terror 2.5m Radius -> 1.5m Radius.
* Ryngrim's Enervating Terror 20m Range -> 8m.
* Caedebald's Blackbow Terrify on Hit now vs Will.
* Wall of Draining's negative effects are now set to Hostile and will properly break stealth if cast on an enemy.
* Wizard's Double is now overridden to not be able to be empowered, since it gains nothing from additional PL.

* Mental Binding Cast Speed Average -> Fast.
* Mental Binding Recovery Fast -> Average.
* Mental Binding 6s Immobilize Duration -> 10s.
* Reaping Knives Attack Speed Average -> Fast.
* Fractured Volition 15s Duration -> 20s.
* Body Attunement 15s Duration -> 20s.
* The spell "Tactical Meld" is now available during cipher progression.
* Tactical Meld +1 Engagement Limit -> +3.
* Screaming Souls base Raw Damage 15 to 25 - > 30 to 50.
* Screaming Souls Distract Duration 8s -> 18s.
* Secret Horrors Duration 12s -> 15s.
* Defensive Mindweb Average Recovery -> Fast.
* Pain Link Duration 12s -> 15s.
* Echoing Horror Frighten Duration 8s -> 12s.
* Haunting Chains Duration 18s -> 20s.
* Tenacious Grasp 15s base duration -> 20s.
* Eyestrike Slow Cast Speed -> Average.
* Mind Plague 12s Duration -> 15s.
* Whisper of Treason 20s base duration -> 15s.
* Puppet Master 20s base duration -> 15s.
* Ringleader 20s base durations -> 15s.
* Whisper of Treason 10m Range -> 4m.
* Puppetmaster 5m Range -> 8m.
* Wild Leech Recovery Average -> Fast.
* Wild Leech Duration 15s -> 30s.
* Borrowed Instinct Duration 30s -> 20s.
* Ancestor's Honor is now Ancestor's Memory and now grants the Brilliant Inspiration for 12s instead of +1 Empower Point.
* Eyestrike AOE Size Small -> Medium.
* Mind Wave AOE Size Medium -> Large.
* Defensive Mindweb AOE Size Medium -> Large.
* Detonate now checks that health is below 25% not that it is below 25 value.
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Changelog for Patch (added 03 July 2018) - Part III:

Item Changes
* Visage of Concelhaut pet item summon is no longer considered a "Conjuration" spell, and therefore restricted to Evokers.
* Bardatto's Luxury Nobility and Untouchable are now visible in UI.
* Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff base penetration and damage increased to match other quarterstaves.
* Potion of Ascension +1 PL -> +2.
* Animancer's Energy Blade Base Damage 5 to 8 -> 10 to 14.
* Rannig's Wrath no longer loses "Thrusting" or "Flurry" mods when enchanting.
* Stalker's Patience now has the Spear Accuracy Mod.
* Kahua Hozi now has the Spear Accuracy Mod.
* Engwithan Bracers Petrified Guard once again grants Resistance against Dexterity Afflictions.
* Potion of the Fearsome Brute no longer fires exception errors when inspected.
* Removed duplicate Wind, Electricity, Water, and Fire keywords on Scroll of Great Maelstrom.
* Avenging Storm Scroll no longer references missing game data.
* Etonia's Signet Ring display string is now updated to reflect +2 All Defenses per stack.
* Scroll of Major Healing base heal value 60 -> 90.
* Scroll of Circle of Protection should now properly end and its VFX should display correctly.
* Scroll of Pillar of Holy Fire Base Penetration 5 -> 7.
* Scroll of Embrace of the Earth Talon Base Penetration 7 -> 9.
* Scroll of Embrace of the Earth Talon Accuracy Bonus 5 -> 0.
* Scroll of Meteor Shower Accuracy Bonus 3 -> 0.
* Scroll of Meteor Shower Best of Burn/Crush -> Burn.
* Scroll of Ray of Fire Base Penetration 10 -> 7.
* Scroll of Rusted Armor Accuracy Bonus 5 -> 0.
* Scroll of Tornado Accuracy Bonus 5 -> 0.
* Scroll of Tornado Base Penetration 5 -> 7.
* Scroll of Torrent of Flame Accuracy Bonus 5 -> 0.
* Scroll of Wilting Wind Accuracy Bonus 3 -> 0.
* Scroll of Winter Wind no longer has a duplicate Frost Keyword.
* Remove double dip scaling from Scrolls of Healing.
* Removed overridden scaling from all poison effects.
* Removed overridden scaling from all potion effects.
* Removed overridden scaling from all drug effects.
* Dragon's Dowry Blazing Fury only accelerates its own attacks.
* Final Stand Potion 10s Duration -> 6s.
* Sungrazer Flail - Extinction Event no longer chains off of its own kills.
* Sungrazer Flail - Extincting Event Base Damage 20 to 30 -> 15 to 25.
* Sungrazer Flail - Meteoric only procs off of Sungrazer attacks.
* Potion of Imperfect Arcane Reflection 75% Chance to reflect -> 50%.
* Potion of Impediment 45% Chance to interrupt on hit -> 30%.
* Gosha Pet 10% Crit to Hit Party Wide -> 5%.
* Whispers of Yenwood - Reliable 50% Miss to Graze -> 25%.
* Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry is now marked unique.
* Healing Hands - Lesser Lay on Hands base Heal/tick 8 -> 12.
* Fugue Spores Poison has been changed from Charm to Confusion and its duration has been increased.
* Implosion Charge Base Damage (per pulse) 20 to 25 -> 5 to 10.
* Implosion Charge Hobbled Duration (per pulse) 20s -> 12s.
* Sparkcrackers Attack Distance 10m -> 8m (in line with all other bombs).
* Lightning Bomb Paralyze Duration (per pulse) 6s -> 3s.
* Lightning Bomb Base Damage (per pulse) 15 to 25 -> 10 to 15.
* Immolator Bomb Base Damage (per pulse) 10 to 20 -> 8 to 12.
* Cinder Bomb Blinded Duration (per pulse) 12s -> 8s.
* Blister Bomb Weakened Duration (per pulse) 15s -> 8s.
* Blister Bomb Base Damage (per pulse) 10 to 20 -> 7 to 10.
* Frost Bomb Base Damage (per pulse) 15 to 30 -> 6 to 14.
* Frost Bomb Base Penetration 5 -> 7.
* Frost Bomb Immobilized Duration (per pulse) 12s -> 8s.
* Frost Bomb Attack Speed Duration (per pulse) 12s -> 8s.
* Ball and Chain Subjugation Interrupt on Crit now properly applies a Prone Interrupt (vs Fort), rather than deprecated Knockdown effect.
* Ball and Chain Subjugation effect will now properly trigger with barbarian Brute Force attacks.
* Mohora Tanga Harpooning Penetration bonus now correctly only affects Mohora Tanga.
* Scepter Destructive Channeling +2 Penetration -> +1.
* Aloth's Armor Structurally Stable - All AR bonuses to +2 AR. (Some were +3).
* Aloth's Armor Causally Fixed Bonus Defenses +5 -> +10.
* Aloth's Armor Causally Fixed Pierce/Slash AR +2 -> +1.
* Blightheart Tainted Being Corrode Proc now only applies to spells.
* Mantle of the Seven Bolts - Storm of Seven Bolts now has the Electricity Keyword.
* Mantle of the Seven Bolts - Storm of the Seven Bolts no longer scales number of projectiles.
* Mantle of the Seven Bolts - Final Storm AOE now has the Electricity Keyword.
* Soul Strike is now also 1/Rest (as is Soul Smite).
* Shout of hosts on Heaven's Cacophony is now properly set to 1/Rest.
* Deltro's Caged Helm now uses longest duration effect, instead of stacking.
* Mohora Tanga Gaff ability is now usable once per rest.
* Accuracy bonus removed from Bounding Strikes AOE on Eager Blade.
* Nemnok's Party effects now last as long as Nemnok is equipped and no longer display on the party portraits.
* Acolyte's Frostbite Vengeful Cold ability is no longer hidden from the inspect UI.
* Modwyr's Eager Lover bonus can only be gained when attacking hostile characters.
* Lord Darryn’s Voulge:
* Corsairs AOE now strikes only hostiles.
* Now has the Electricity keyword, as does Static Charge effect.
* Static Charge now only applies to those that have charged stacks on them.
* Static Charge trigger effect no longer deals extra damage in addition to the charged stack damage.
* Static Charge no longer uses Resonant Touch VFX and instead displays Shock VFX on affected targets.
* Static Charge is now considered a hostile effect.
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Changelog for Patch (added 12 July 2018):

* Resolved a rare hang that could occur in the Sunepu Beach Scripted Interaction.
* Resolved an error that was returning players to the main menu when attempting to return to the world map.
* Resolved an error where loading in to certain maps for some users would return them to the main menu.
* Addressed an error that was producing black screens when first starting the game.
* Custom AI windows now overlay and react correctly when multiple are selected.
* Tooltips for Attributes in the character sheet now appear.
* Wizard spells are now properly displayed in the AI behavior editor when a grimoire is equipped on the quickbar.
* Wahai Poraga's extra attacks no longer always launch themselves each time they hit.
* Deleterious Alacrity of Motion no longer randomizes its status effects.
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Changelog for Patch (added 19 July 2018):

* The Vendor in Port Maje, unlocked via Berath's Blessings, now sells the following items (if the party does not already own them):
* Scavenger's Lantern
* Stinky Pete
* Cloak of Berath
* Sails of Berath
* Cutthroat Cosmo
* If Maia leaves the party, she will only send 1 letter about her departure.
* Retraining now properly restores Level 1 abilities that were upgraded (and replaced) at later levels. Fix applies to character created on patch 1.2.2 or later.
* Missing Strings (in Portuguese) have been added to the Mod Manager Interface.
* Passive Ability Icons in the character level up screen now appear as circles again (instead of squares).
* Furrante's Ship has been moved closer to Port Maje to ensure the encounter occurs before the player reaches Neketaka.
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Changelog for Patch (added 02 August 2018) - Part I:

New Features & Updates
* Beast of Winter
* The first paid DLC that has the Watcher travel to Harbinger's Watch to investigate an ever expanding iceberg in the Deadfire Archipelago.
* Deck of Many Things
* The fifth free DLC that includes a Junk that sails around the Deadfire selling magical items and goods.
* Magran's Fires - New challenges and old favorites have been added for players that want a difficult experience with a twist. These challenges can only be done on Path of the Damned difficulty and can be found by clicking the head of Magran at the bottom of the Title Menu.
* Triple Crown
* Expert Mode
* Trial of Iron
* Solo
* Cannot recruit companions, sidekicks, or adventurers
* Berath's Challenge
* Any party member Knocked Out for 6 seconds is Killed
* Cannot flee from combat
* Magran's Challenge
* The game cannot be paused
* The game time cannot be slowed
* Essence Interrupter - A new Hunting Bow created by you, the community, that has been infused with animancer technology to provide interesting effects to attacks. You can find this for sale in Henric's shop in Port Maje.

Major Issues
* Fixed an issue where users would crash upon getting into combat with Cave Grubs.
* Fixed an issue where users would crash upon getting into combat with the Giant Cave Grub.
* Fixed an issue where users would crash after leaving the pre-Ukaizo god Scripted Interaction.
* Fixed an issue where some players could not turn in A Shrewd Proposition if Aeldys relocates to Dunnage.
* Fixed an issue where solo Rogues could instantly win ship boarding combat by using Smoke Veil.
* Fixed various issues where interactables would only highlight from certain angles or positions.
* Fixed an issue where some users would crash after declining to help Berath during the Prologue.
* Fixed an issue where a save file would be deleted if the player created a save, didn't move, then saved on the same file.
* Fixed an issue where leveling a companion could turn the player character into a duplicate of the companion.
* Updated many French, Italian, German, & Spanish strings UI strings that were still referencing Pillars I mechanics (such as Endurance instead of Health).

* Fixed an issue where Pallegina's Exalted Focus buff would stay on the party after she was removed from the party.
* Fixed an issue where the Crookspur Archer SI was only using Xoti's reaction even if she wasn't in the party.
* Fixed an issue where Monk Xoti was dealing less base damage than what was intended.
* Fixed an issue where some players would still see Baltia in Motare o Kozi as well as on their ship after recruitment.
* Fixed an issue where Mirke would come back to life if the player had killed her and later spoke to Aeldys.
* Fixed an issue where Aloth could gain infinite negative reputation with Serafen.
* Fixed an issue where the Watcher could gain infinite reputation(positive and negative) with Maia in a conversation with Fleet Master Okaya.
* Fixed an issue where Eder would still have dialogue on Vilario's Rest even if he was dead.
* Fixed an issue where players could ask Rekke about Eder even if Eder had not been recruited.
* A "Serafen wants to talk" option now appears after completing A Sorcerer and a Gentleman.

User Interface
* Fixed an issue where the skill assist tooltip progress bar was populating incorrectly on its first activation.
* Fixed an issue where Berath's Wrath would display incorrectly on character status windows.
* Fixed an issue where negative effects would permanently display a negative effect timer.
* Fixed an issue where some players would get a blank Enemy Defeated window after winning a ship battle.
* Fixed an issue where the Crafting UI would show players being able to craft more food than they have materials available.
* Fixed an issue where modals would not display active or inactive properly when one was on cooldown and another was clicked.
* Fixed an issue where skill indicators in Scripted Interactions would display when playing on Expert Mode.
* Fixed an issue where players could have more than the max value of ship supplies by looting the items and putting them in personal inventory.
* Fixed an issue where players could enchant items belonging to vendors while they were in the trade section of the store UI.
* Ship injury count label refreshes when a character recovers and on load.

* Fixed an issue where some players could not turn in A Paradise of the Mind to Copperhead.
* Fixed an issue where Syri would have a conversation about Remaro even after Blow the Man Down and The Sorcerer and the Gentleman have been completed.
* Fixed an issue where Harsh Medicine would not display as completed after bring turned in.
* Fixed an issue where some players could not turn in Of Like Minds if they helped Master Kua, secured an alliance, then proceeded to kill him anyway.
* Fixed an issue where A Dance with Death would not fail upon killing Captain Furrante.
* Fixed an issue where Captain Mer Trevisilo and Captain Gold-Fin Chiara would be alive in the Balefire Beacon even if they were killed after Captain Furrante's execution.
* Fixed an issue where Hunting Season could not be completed if Matter of Import is active.
* Fixed an issue where players who leave and return to the Spire of the Soul-Seers after saving Flaune have the cutscene play again.
* Fixed an issue where players were able to turn in Taking out the Traders after they had already sided with the Principi.
* Fixed an issue where Talfor's encounter could occur after Sealed Fate had been completed.
* Fixed an issue where the bluff option when obtaining luminous adra for Goods and Services would continue with the non-bluff dialogue.
* Fixed an issue where the Watcher's skiff in the wrecked ship encounter for The Painted Masks would be hovering in the air instead of floating in the water.
* Fixed an issue where Aeldys would reward the player with Casita Samelia's Legacy instead of the Swift Hunter's Garb upon completing Goods and Services.
* Fixed an issue where Hunting Season would be available after the Royal Deadfire Company Powderhouse was destroyed.
* Fixed an issue where Dereo suggests that the player stole the Cornett of Waves from Takano even if they received it as a gift.
* Fixed an issue where Furrante's body would display as an interactable after his execution.
* Fixed an issue where the game would not auto-pause if combat broke out during the trial in Taking Out the Traders.
* Fixed an issue where Honor Among Thieves would not complete after rescuing Aeldys from the Balefire Tower.

* Fixed an issue where Corrosive Splash was missing its sound effects.
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Changelog for Patch (added 02 August 2018) - Part II:

* Fixed an issue where weapons would be removed from the third and fourth sets after level up.
* Fixed an issue where Wahai Porga was missing its stat block and hover tooltip.
* Fixed an issue where interrupts or disables could lead to weapons not rendering.
* Fixed an issue where spell casts would not cancel immediately upon combat ending. This caused issues with summoned weapons where players would have the ability to save then load the game and have the summoned weapons get stuck in slot.
* Fixed an issue where sigils would continue to pulse attack during cutscenes and conversations.
* Fixed an issue where the Guardian of Ukaizo would reemerge if players killed it before it could heal or change forms.
* Fixed an issue where characters would become transparent after swapping in normal weapons to replace summoned weapons in a weapon slot.
* Fixed issue with being able to pickpocket miscellaneous loot from Bertenno.
* Fixed an issue where weapon and shield effects would sometimes work when they were unequipped.
* Fixed an issue where Corrupted Blade enchant would not replace the Tainted Blade enchant on Hel Beckoning.
* Fixed an issue where the Cipher's Shackle given to the player from Serafen would not grand dexterity affliction resistance.
* Fixed an issue where Vailian Plate Armor was not displaying its unique appearance on female characters.
* Fixed an issue where one of the merchant vessels could not be engaged.
* Fixed an issue where Rotghasts could get stuck in an attack loop.
* Fixed an issue where monetary values were not appearing in dialogue when response qualifiers were disabled.
* Fixed an issue where "resting" NPC's were showing detection circles.
* Fixed an issue where the rightmost pirate lord chair in Balefire Beacon had more than one description attached to it.
* Fixed an issue where the Island Aumaua passive Among the Waves would persist outside of combat.
* Fixed an issue where Heavy Draw on Saint Omaku's Mercy wasn't scaling Survival properly.
* Fixed an issue where some NPCs in the Kraken's Eye were not playing their barks.
* Fixed an issue where weapon copies in player weapon slots would disappear when reverting from a shapeshifted form.
* Fixed an issue where the Ship Storm Scripted Interaction was using the Watcher's Arcana for the skill check instead of the chosen party member's.
* Fixed an issue where the Watcher's Blade was missing its description.
* Fixed an issue where the Watcher's Blade had a strange glow on its crossguard.
* Fixed an issue where the Blighted Bog encounter on the uncharted island would not have enemies spawn and attack after eating the Menpwgra mushroom.
* Fixed an issue where Beakhead was displaying as Orbit for additional effects.
* Fixed an issue where some corpses in the Subterranean Temple were unlootable.
* Fixed an issue where some NPCs could be pickpocketed with 0 Sleight of Hand with no Party Assist.
* Fixed an issue where pet Nemnok was displaying an effect timer on party portraits.
* Fixed an issue where the points of interest on the RDC Imperial Command Lower map were not positioned correctly.
* Fixed an issue where the RDC Powderhouse upper door would remain locked after players exited the building via that door.
* Fixed an issue where players could use Constitution Inspirations as a source of healing in the Boa Hika Pass Scripted Interaction.
* Fixed an issue where some of the NPCs in the Imperial Command would not drop equipment upon death.
* Fixed an issue where players could gain infinite reputation with Huana and RDC from conversations with Tipa and Wetu in Sayuka.
* Fixed some pathing issues in the Deadlight Court.
* Various typo fixes.

Systems Updates
* Re-enabed tutorial and glossary entry for Counters and updated their strings to match the current in-game behavior.
* Typed Afflictions that aren't given priority are considered top priority, (Petrified and Frozen now supersede Hobble, Immobilize, & Paralyze).
* Halved the bonus PL poisons receive from Alchemy and status effect damage scaling has been reduced from +10% / PL to +5% (in line with other damage scaling bonuses).
* Traps no longer show level scaling due to character level in their stat blocks.
* Slog Zones now reapply their effects to character in the slog on interval.
* Creatures
* Magma Ooze emerge ability now displays a proper string when commanded to move during its emerge.
* Removed Will-o-wisp redundant resistance to dexterity afflictions when they were already immune to them.
* Jadaferlas and Scyorielaphas no longer show Galawain's Favor or Wrath abilities in the bestiary.
* Guardian of Ukaizo can no longer be stunned by any player effect (Withdraw, Stasis Shell, Beetle Shell etc...).

* Thaos' Headdress Intellect bonus from Authority no longer clears after attacking.
* Trollhide Belt and Ring of Regeneration now stack their effects.
* Effort's "Lacerating" and "Maiming" enchantments will now always properly apply their DoT effect when striking with the weapon.
* Duskfall and Kahua Hozi "Feather Light" mod now applies properly to each weapon if these weapons are dual wielded.
* "Of Intellect" effects will now properly stack if they appear in multiple item mods.
* Bardatto's Luxury Nobility and Untouchable are now visible in UI.
* Scroll of Wilting Wind no longer has a duplicate "Wind" keyword.
* Scroll of Tornado no longer has duplicate "Wind" keywords.
* All Scroll consumables have been given a keyword to properly recognize them as Spells.
* Blunderbuss "Inaccurate" mod now properly applies to blunderbusses held in the off-hand.
* Kapana Taga Unblockable, Removed unintended +4 base Accuracy bonus.
* The frequency of vanity pet barks has been halved.
* Magistrate's Cudgel will now properly show the Tier 2 lore description if the user has the item bound to the monk class.
* Blazing Fury, Wild Shot, and Wild Barrage effects will now clear if you switch weapons while their effects are active.
* Hel Beckoning's "Corrupted Blade" enchant now properly replaces "Tainted Blade".
* Watcher’s Blade will now properly unequip itself and update its icon when inspected and obtained.
* Drunkard's Regret now uses proper character reference when deciding if a hangover should occur.
* Saint's War Armor enchant paths are now properly mutually exclusive if you choose Rock Solid first.

-> Fighter
* Fighter Charge now properly rolls against Deflection for its Stun effect.
-> Rogue
* Rogue Persistent Distraction no longer clears all Perception Afflictions when the rogue disengages, it will now only clear its own effect.
-> Ranger
* Ranger Companions attack speed Average Recovery -> Fast Recovery and their armor penalty has been reduced from a 0.6 factor to 0.8 (-25%).
* Stalker's Link accuracy bonus now properly only applies when the animal companion threatens the same target.
-> Monk
* Stunning Surge will no longer refund its cost twice if dual wielding and both attacks crit.
-> Priest
* Spark the Souls of the Rightous now correctly rolls against Reflex when dealing damage.
* Priest Dismissal and Paladin Abjuration will revert to their direct damage mechanic when striking "Boss" enemies.
-> Druid
* Sunlance now has the "Fire" keyword.
-> Wizard
* Meteor Shower and Scroll of Meteor Shower now have the "Fire" Keyword.
* Citzal's Enchanted Armory Breastplate now has no recovery penalty.
* Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring now has the Frost Keyword.
* Wizard Subclass locked spell restrictions no longer apply to variants of wizard spells (such as Trickster, Priest subclass, and item granted spells).
* Concelhaut's Crushing Doom effects will now end if combat ends.
-> Cipher
* Mental Binding now has the Mind Keyword on its base ability in addition to being on the attack.
* Puppetmaster base ability now has the Mind Keyword in addition to the Puppetmaster attack.
* Wild Leech now lists its targeted defense in its stat block.
* Cipher's Shackle should now properly grant resistance to dexterity afflictions.