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please devs, micromanaging the soldiers is boring, please make it better.

I'm sad I uninstalled the game (to free my SSD for other games), it could be good instead of a chore

By the way, enhance the bases too, the UI (it's difficult to guess what's in the base) and graphically (living 3D was nice in other game). UI is more important as we can have many bases; maybe add a window comparing the bases.
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I can't believe it: they ask for money and even didn't resolved the proeficiency filter problem...
No way I pay for your DLCs.
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And, how to easily see the remaining weigh our toons have free before going to battle?
EDIT: Okay found. But why putting stats everywhere in the window instead of gathered?
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Still no Proficient filter, only those useless Class filters...
EDIT: October: IU still not patched...
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What a shity boring UI. I order the planes to move, and I was surprised they now waited my order to go. then I launch the timer, and no one moves...
Please, learn the UFO:After serie way, they did knew their job about time and move management.
Thinking about uninstalling again.
UFO:Aftershock, it, do is always on my HD... Test of time. (and to cooldown I will launch it again)

Too, I see the UI of toon managerment is all orange. The UI dev is really lazy, as colors here would help.

I won't downgrade the game from 3 stars to 2, but I thought about this. First time.
Please make it 4 or 5.
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