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CarbonSeed: [...] but do not hate it simply because something deviates slightly from the established rout [...] But this is a business, and much of the hatred is for Epic [...]
True. But it's also true that the developers broke their "word" by selling out to EGS. So I decided to refund and promised never to buy any game from Snapshot Games Inc. again. I tend to keep given promises. Unlike some greedy game developers...
DaosMandrak: There is also a huge misunderstanding: Nobody complains, because a developer chooses Epic over other plattforms. You can find a lot of exclusive games without any complains. Whenever there is a shitstorm, there is a reason behind it.
Well, yes, there are people who complain when a developer chooses to go EGS-exclusive. I'm one of them. Exclusivity is for console peasants, not the PC Master Race.

People (not imputing this view on the quoted poster) really need to knock off the whole "hur hur, it's jus' bizniz!"

GoG *chooses* not to publish certain games on their storefront. Gog *chooses* to only offer DRM-free versions of games.

They could expand their library and ostensibly make a boat-load more money compromising those values, but they take a principled stand and choose not to. It's not unreasonable to expect developers to make a principled choice when Epic comes along with a huge wad of Fortnite money (like Wlad Marhulets did on his game Darq), nor is it unreasonable to punish them (both through bad PR [like this thread, not letting people forget what thankless money-grubbers they are] and through withholding patronage) for being anti-consumer when they make a such a short-sighted decision.

It also bears mentioning, that in business, promises (read: contracts) are the absolute foundation of any ability to actually conduct business. In any just world, these chumps would've been sued into the dirt for breach of contract, but - lucky them - crowd-funding doesn't legally constitute a contract.

DaosMandrak: People complain about Phoenix Point, because it was financed by backers, who took the risk (there are kickstarter, who never deliver anything). These backer are the reason this game exists and the developer were able to feed their families.
This adds a whole new level of revulsion to their money-lust. May they step on a Lego, barefoot, in the dark; and may everyone supporting and defending this kind of anti-consumer horse pucky step on three.
Djaron: 1) pointless reviews bombing that gives no useful or relevant information to potential customers (...)
You're right about useless reviews, but consider this:
Reviews are the only way to show customer dissatisfaction. Keep in mind that negative critique is often censored if you use an official forum (-> Blizzard banned discussions about Hong Kong for example). So, what do you do as a customer? Well, you can go to reddit and shout into the void, so developer can do whatever they want without beeing affected.

CarbonSeed: (...)ones who probably when another game is launched on Steam or GoG after being on Epic for a period of time, request a discount "because the game is not new anymore", and it's exactly what they have done here, which has harm us, backers, of course, agree with that, I only think that people has to be consistent with what they asks for, and not "in this way with this game, but with this one do it this other way because it doesn't suit me".
You're totally right and that's my point: Happy customer will support your game and backers paid a higher price on purpose. They did it voluntary and this should be honored.

Many people don't want to use Epic and the reasons were discussed before. You can think "their reasons are stupid", but people are allowed to have stupid opinions :)
Game launcher are online shops and it's your decission where you purchase a product. For example, you shouldn't be forced to buy at Walmart if you dislike the company. Yes, people didn't have to wait 1 year, but they were forced to use Epic and a lot of people don't want to do that.

P.S.: I used the terminology "feeding the developers family", because FallenHeroX1 wrote that Epic was paying the employees (ignoring how the backers paid their salary before). I've seen this emotionally argument multiple times and it tries to distract from the real issue.

To be honest, my only issue is how the lied to their backers. They praised Epic and acted like they made this decission for their customers.
GHOSTMD: That is capitalism and I don't like it either but it's childish to hold grudges for people being involved in it. If you have any legitimate complaints, like Snapshot not paying their workers, or stealing money from backers, I am all ears. Alas you don't have any such arguments to make and your grievances are pointless and banal.
I simply adore how riding a crowdfunding hype-train with "backers in control" and then changing a contract is perfectly fine in a world of the terrible Capitalism you don't like, but review bombing and people being pissed about Snapshot behaviour is suddenly not connected to this system and is simply childish and unacceptable. Or is it "the system vs us, The People" issue? Cmon, The People, be grown ups!

If you have any legitimate complaints about people who review bomb like they kidnap children or they drop bombs on small countries or they don't put milk in the refrigerator, I'm all ears.
The whole reason i made this thread, is because it is NOT OK what they have done.
Course ppl don't like if someone brings up the mirror that shows how less they care.

But guys, honestly you should start to care, how much further you wanna let this slip?

BTW the link i provided literally SAYS FULLY BACKED so claiming otherwise, kinda
huge stretch yes? (ofc you have to follow the breadcrumps, i wont handhold you)
Anyway, it doesn t matter now. I looked at the "confirmed owner"
comments and ratings and they speak for themself as well.

I believe that says it all. Sry for the late reply though.

in case you re too lazy

(INITIAL GOAL REACHED, so yes IT WAS fully backed)
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I'll be brief in here. Gollop is on par with Molyneux. There, i said it.
Yep, it was an outrageous backstab to backers... but that's old news right now.
What's the point of bringing it up again?
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Lone_Scout: Yep, it was an outrageous backstab to backers... but that's old news right now.
What's the point of bringing it up again?
maybe.. just maybe for posterity? we can forgive, but we should never forget!