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Exvel: I've created a simple application that automaticaly sets color depth to 16-bit and starts Pharaoh in windowed mode. And after the game is closed it returns 32-bits colors back.

Just put PharaohStarter.exe into the game folder and run it.
Download it here.
If it doesn't work then maybe you need to install NET Framework 4.0.
Sok4R: An update for the download link? Since Dropbox changed the way they handle public URLs, old ones are not available anymore.
Or: does anyone have it saved and can upload it? I'm probably not the only one that would appreciate it ;)
If you're on Windows 8 or 10, you can right-click it and go to Compatibility and choose reduced color mode for 16-bit.
Does anyone have that file from earlier? Dropbox link changed...
Bump, requesting an updated download link for the Pharoah/Cleopatra windowed mode launcher please. =)
Help! inthe Abusir mission, temple of the sun, I cannot place the temple to have it start building. Everything green, touching water, nothing in its way just wont start. any suggestions?
Still requesting this file here =)
I downloaded the files for windowed mode from Gog Support, those don't work for you?
Secateur: I downloaded the files for windowed mode from Gog Support, those don't work for you?
where are those?
Hi, it's in the Launcher Menu "View Support". Then goto Solutions for known problems -> Windowed Mode.
There's a howto and the ini files.

hope that helps, worked for me.
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