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Exvel: I've created a simple application that automaticaly sets color depth to 16-bit and starts Pharaoh in windowed mode. And after the game is closed it returns 32-bits colors back.

Just put PharaohStarter.exe into the game folder and run it.
Download it here.
If it doesn't work then maybe you need to install NET Framework 4.0.
Sok4R: An update for the download link? Since Dropbox changed the way they handle public URLs, old ones are not available anymore.
Or: does anyone have it saved and can upload it? I'm probably not the only one that would appreciate it ;)
If you're on Windows 8 or 10, you can right-click it and go to Compatibility and choose reduced color mode for 16-bit.
Does anyone have that file from earlier? Dropbox link changed...
Bump, requesting an updated download link for the Pharoah/Cleopatra windowed mode launcher please. =)
Help! inthe Abusir mission, temple of the sun, I cannot place the temple to have it start building. Everything green, touching water, nothing in its way just wont start. any suggestions?
Still requesting this file here =)
I downloaded the files for windowed mode from Gog Support, those don't work for you?