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I've got an overflowing amount of beer production. I've got 3 bazaars where one is probably sufficient. The bazaars keep pretty much maxxed on beer. The houses just across the street get plenty of beer. What am I doing wrong?

-edit- Well it's strange, but the problem went away. In addition to the beerless homes, the rest of my residential districts had crashed to lower levels for no reasons I could figure out. I assumed that the beerless (and lower level) homes were holding down property values for everyone. In any case after waiting for in-game years for it to clear up on it's own, I saved and reloaded. And amazingly, now those beerless homes get beer. And the value crash of all my properties disappeared. Dunno what caused it, but save/reload was the solution.

If anyone wants to respond in any way, I will cheerfully mark your response as the solution.
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