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squid830: I did read that part of your posts, which is why I suggested uninstalling and reinstalling Galaxy - in the past where I've had it come up as "unknown" (on this very game), that fixed it; however I don't recall if it did this from the get-go, or if I cancelled a pending update. So it may not necessarily work for you, but might be worth a try (assuming you haven't already downloaded it anyway of course).
ijozic: Ah, sorry, I guess *I* was the one not reading carefully then.

I tried reinstalling the Galaxy again, yes, it does show 1.07 now as you've said. However, it doesn't seem to be triggering the update yet.

Then I triggered it manually in settings and it's a 7.5 GB download now. Certainly better than the previous 12 and the full 14 so thanks :)

Would have preferred a patch file, but I guess all those earlier installer/patches are useless now. Better to keep a compressed copy of this installation as a backup installer, I guess.
Cool - good to know you managed to get by with "only" a 7.5 GB update, which while big is still half the size of the full (offline) 1.0.8 installer at least... ;)

I'm also disappointed they didn't do a 1.0.8 delta patch, especially given that these devs actually created "proper" installers (i.e. they generally weren't ridiculously large, unlike some other devs do these days); however, I'm still glad they updated GOG almost as fast as Steam, which still raises them in my eyes (AFAIK the Steam update was also sizable this time around too).