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Hello All,

I'm trying to stream this game through my Steam Link to my TV, and there control it with my SC. Obviously I could set up keyboard emulation to do this, which would be passable, but I'd much rather have the xinput controller prompts that would match the actual buttons on the device.

So far, I have
- Disabled the GOG overlay
- Set the executable to be run-as-administrator
- Added the executable (IWTB.exe) as a non-steam game
- Enabled XBOX emulation in the steam controller settings
- Set gamepad as the layout for the SC mapper

The other somewhat common fix that I'm aware of is doing the manual rather than Galaxy-based install, which I'll try next. However, having disabled the overlay I kind of think that won't solve the issue.

Invariably, PD fails to recognize anything coming from Xinput. The game ALWAYS thinks that the right stick is a mouse, but fails to identify any other button as any other mouse or keyboard button (as far as I can tell).

Any other things I could do to make this work?
The answer was that steam itself needs to be run as administrator, after which point KB+M will work from the steam link. Then, you can enable the controller through the usual menu and you're good to go!
I have never had to run Steam and/or a game as administrator to get the controller working. Do you have either Steam, Galaxy or the game installed in Program Files? If you do, install them somewhere else, like C:\Games. Running things with Administrator privileges is putting you at risk.