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Those are the bugs i encountered after patch 1.0.8:
- cultist priest can reanimate a dead zombie even if there is another "living" zombie standing on the dead one. this way there are 2 zombies standing on the same tile at the same time. i used a shotgun blast on them but only one of them got killed. the other one didn't recieve any damage. however i was able to kill him with other party member in the same turn.

- sometimes reanimated zombies got stuck in impassable objects like walls etc.

- i was able to recruit Veduti for the second time during the same adventure

- sometimes a loot chest won't open. I don't know whether it is only the animation or it is completely bugged. Don't know if i get the cash reward for it.

- German Teslaborgs usually take very long routes only to change their positions by few tiles
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