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Lingxin: That is what I was afraid of. That your problem and toudi's are different.

I have faith in Owlcat. Today I reached a part where I could not progress anymore. 10 minutes later a hotfix for that issue came and solved it.
toudi: Its actually the same problem. I bypassed it reverting to a previous patch. Whatever todays hotfix did broke the saves as well. At least on macs from what I can see.
Good to know. I could not assume both of you are using Mac, since you did not mention anything about your OS. That is an important detail to know.
Cookiie: Hi!

We are aware of the problem and working on a solution!
Thats nice. Then again im going to be picky here since I did not get my dose of pathfinder yesterday. But you know maybe test things before releasing them. Hell unit tests are a thing even in game dev.
Thanks for the new Mac patch that fixes the loading issue here, but now im stuck as Chivarro wont spawn when supposed to. If a dev is reading this still is this being fixed ? Thanks again.