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Running into a bug that I can't report with Alt-B. I am on the World Map and I get a popup about a random encounter. When I tell it to enter the encounter it takes over 5 minutes to get to 100% and then hangs. I can't Alt-B to report it, but it does allow Alt-4 to kill the program.

Edit: Additional info.... Finished up Wintersun, went to Drezen. Got the task to take Care of Camilla. Killer her and then went back to wilderness. Get a random encounter and that's where the hangs start
Post edited September 15, 2021 by dbartenstein

This issue seems to be related to dead companions. If you kill a companion and loot them clean, it can cause this to happen. If you leave something on their body, everything should be ok.
Post edited September 16, 2021 by Cookiie