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I'd love to see a free location integrate to the start menu to let us try some differente build and let us fight a mob or a punching ball to see what would be the best,
I'm novice but I love the way this game let us construct different build, and I'm a little bit tired to try to copi pasta a random build to try his efficiency to understand what did I wrong
what do you think about that ? I understand people who say it's an hardcore RPG not accessible to everybody but I love this game and I 'm tired to use a mod respec to try to get my perfect char or to use boring classe like paladin or barbarian and archer.
thanx for reading me
Sounds like a good suggestion I would support. Probably not so easy to implement with how the game is concepted.

I would already like some preview videos provided by Owlcat. Class showcases if you will, as seen with games like Black Desert Online or Lost Arc.

There are plenty of videos about classes made by other players. But they hardly show any combat gameplay.
Perhaps a separate mode that you can select when starting a new game.
I would love a seperate mode on the start menu where you could just play with classes.It would be nice if when you are "fighting"in this mode, you could have the option to team up with a couple of the base companions like Seelah, Lann, Wendaugh etc and test some of the teamwork abilities too. So you can make sure your teamwork stuff works as intended.