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Hi everyone!

As you may have seen on my topic this game has triggered the worst of choice paralysis ever for me and I could use some help in deciding what kind of class build to go for. I tend to play as a melee character in these kind of games and I´ve seen a few classes that seem fun. Just for your information, I´ve played pretty much every DnD 3.5 games but Pathfinder differs in a lot ways that I´m not used to, which is why I´m in dire need of help.

The classes I´ve had my eye on this far are:
Bloodrager This seems like a fun class that marries the Barbarian with the Sorcerer but the amount of possible builds kind of make my head spin.

Slayer seems also like a fun hurtstick of a character but a bit of a one-note.

Magus is the class I played in my only, aborted, playthrough of Kingmaker. It felt like a fun character class but I was always concerned that it would get less useful in the higher levels.

Bard or Skald are classes I´ve had my eyes on since I enjoy playing characters that are skill monkeys but can hold their own in a melee but I have no idea how to build them.

As I´ve said, I´d be happy to receive some build suggestions or general help regarding choice of classes and feats.
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Well what alignment do you want to play?

Ive been thinking either Bloodrager or Skald too, just dont know what alignment hmm.
I too think your choice of Bloodrager is a good one for a melee adventure.

An alternative I consider fun too is a sorcerer with a dex melee build. With a mythic feat which strenghen your mage armour later on, it becomes overly strong later on.

As an specific example I made myself a crossblooded sorceress with a close combat dex build (weapon finesse). Special feats later on allows me to make use of that mentioned armour and the 2nd bloodline level 20th feat, which can turn out overall really strong while being versatile with spells.
Looking at the part members you will be teamed up with a melee class is a good way to balance out the story NPC's.

When you list the classes you have an eye on you shouldn't worry about Magus getting less useful on higher levels; in pathfinder even a 2/3 spell progression is still better than classes with less or no spellprogression at all.

I myself play a sword saint and it is a capable second line fighter even early on. Later you get more spells avaialble that can help your own surivability and improve your party (notability haste).

If you like to play in turn-based mode I would recommend Magus as it requires you to make some choices (both when maneuvring in combat and using its class abilities).

I am usually no a fan of hybrid classes, though Slayer is a solid-ish class.

Blood rager is an interesting hybrid class, especially the spell-eater and crossblooded. It is a class that (somewhat less) benefits from turn based mode, especially if you choose Fey herritage (moving 10ft to gain blur and the like).

If you like a challenge build you might want to go for a Dhampir Bloodrager (either spell easter with either Fey, celestial or Undead or Crossblooded with Undead and Fey).

Bard and archetype's are good support characters that with well in your party, especially with their buffs (again things like Haste). Depending on how you want your party (if you use regular companions or hire new ones) you might want to build your bard as a melee buffer if you use game npc's without retraining. I would say ranged buffer if you hire melee companions.

If you go vanilla partymembers I wouldn't pick Skald as the Skald benefits melee characters the most, which, especially early on, you lack (at least in the front-line bruiser department)

That said, if you just want to go ham you could always play a half-orc two-handed weapon specialist fighter with an earthbreaker
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Thanks for the help so far, people.

I´m mainly playing Good in this playthrough and I´ll also be going only with the campaign companions.
If a lack of spelcasting is not aproblem you could opt for a paladin archetype such as stonelord or divineguardian.

Both do not get paladin spellcasting. The stonelord gains tankiness and retains support abilities such as auras and lay on hands. The divine guardian trades spellcasting for the ability to protect a single squishy member of your party (can be changed per day).

If you want to combine a bard's support abilities with a better melee shell you might want to pick the martyr archetype: it has paladin spellcasting and tankiness with a bard's inspire courage, inspirie greatness and a countersong/ distraction ability.
I´m not going to go for Paladin or Cleric type classes this playthrough, but thanks for the help.
I´ve finally landed on a Bloodrager since it seems to be a nice compromise between melee ability and special abilities. If anyone have some helpful hints on what to aim for with a Bloodrager-Primalist build you are welcome to chip in.
Considering vanilla party members; a dps/ back up tank.

Bloodline either Abyssal or Fey.

Abyssal if you want a bruiser that wields a two handed weapon in combat.

Fey if you want to play a bloodrager who moves around more in combat and has a bit more crowd control, or you want the option to dual wield. You ability score works also better with Fey compared to Abyssal as you have more spells that require others to make a save. Also, with Fey all your saves (fort and Will by default and Ref through bloodline feats) get a boost. This also makes you less vulnerable to your or allied CC.

The bloodrager requires investment in three abilities; Strength, Consitution and Charisma. If you go Abyssal focus lies more with Strength and Constitution, while Fey is also fine with Constitution and Charisma.

If you consider the other abilities of the blood rager, it favors mobility, so it might be best to pick an armor type that does limit your movement (mostly light armor or 'lighter' medium armor).

Picking a race and background depends on what weapons you want to wield. River Kindoms Daredevil if you want to avoid attacks of oppertunity and perhaps use shortsword/ dagger two weapon combo as light weapons make wielding two weapons easier.

You could go for a human Bloodrager with two weapon fighter + buckler with Fey bloodline.

An alternative might by an human Abyssal bruiser with high strength with a two handed weapon (bonus points if it has reach and trip).
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