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Hi everyone.

Is it normal that TWO Beast tamer can not cast THEIR respectif Nature's Ally Ability WITHOUT cancelling each others summon ? Like why Beast tamer B use HIS ability along Beast Master A.

Moreover the last part of the description is confusing to me, the singular is used and nothing is said about another character's summon.

Is it a bug and I should wait for a fix or is it normal ?
second question first:

A Beast tamer can only have one summon spell active at any one time. So, if your Beast tamer is somehowe capable of caster multiple spells that can summon creatures (such as, for example, Beast Call and the spell Summon Monster III) he must think carefully which spell to cast; because when you cast another summon spell or ability, only the creatures summoned by the latest ability or spell will remain.

Your first question: should you have more than a single Beast tamer, each beast tamer can use his or her Beast Call ability ; when one uses the Beast call ability it should not cancel out another Beast tamer's Beast Call ability.
Thanks. So if it as you say I have a bug to report. I was always unable to use two Beast Call of my two BT mercenary at the same time(one always canceled the others). I will retest it one more time with another clean save before reporting it.