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Hey there, I've been mostly using InEffects builds to kind of play the game and learn the ins and outs of the game mechanics but now I wanted to try my own kind of build and I'm not entirely sure yet if its possible? I was looking at a character that could DW nunchucks, thought it would be a pretty out their build and different and I couldn't find anything when searching for it, but it is of course a very specific search. Would anyone have any tips on this kind of build? Also this wouldnt be for unfair, I play on Challenging and once I beat it I'll be trying Hard afterwards. Any advise would be great thank you!
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Dual wielding monk weapon? Yes, its very good with at least 1 monk level and there are many powerful ones at all level ranges.

Specialize in nunchucks only? No, however, there is a flaming one very early in a very hard location for lvl 3 call Tranquil river bend. A little bit south of Temple of the Elk chap 1. The nunchucks are on a corpse at the entrance of that zone.. loot and leave or have a very hard time in that area at level 3. Easier at lvl5 but still hard
Ya, I just picked those weapons up playing around and that is what spawned this thought, I know they work with Flurry of Blows, so you using one of them would be fine, wasn't sure though if TWF was feasible with them or not, or if you'd just use the one and have FoBs for alot of attacks. I wanted something along the lines of InEffects Dueling Monk build but instead of Kamas, using said nunchucks.
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Anything is possible. If it's gonna be good - that's a whole other question. Not in the least cause I don't recall any half-decent nunchaks past A1. Shouldn't be a problem for challenging, though. Nothing is.
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