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I am really enjoying this game having already poured over 100 hours into it due to two playthroughs, of course the first one ended prematurely due to my kingdom being destroyed and the now, infamous, death spiral.

Here I am in the second playthrough, several patches later, and I have Tsanna standing in the bonfire of my throne room, other random people standing around whose quests I already solved, received my Coronation before I finished the Armag questline, about 35 project cards that are impossible to scroll through and a host of other minor contrivances that are just piling up more and more as the game goes on.

Again, I've really enjoyed the game and that should be evident by the amount of hours that I have poured into it, but I'm just wondering if I will be able to even finish the game at this point, I get at least 2-3 crashes to desktop every 45 minutes to an hour and a dozen other things that are completely out of whack. I even had Aldori tell me before we stormed the barbarian camp that Lebeda betrayed me when I never engaged with him beyond the end of the prologue.

My people are perpetually on rioting even though I have stability at rank 3, plenty of BP, and high ranks across the board and solved mostly every menace thrown my way.

Has anyone else had these issues? Is this common?

Also had a few quest failures because I couldn't resolve them, like the Inconsequent Debates, there was no dialogue prompt after finishing it even though we won. There are other examples of this.

Also my loading time as I go on becomes more and more ridiculous, and it seems any little scripted event has a pretty good chance of a CTD.

Update: had 5 additional days of fey attack events after I beat the 4th bald curse event, thus ruining my kingdom...again. Looks like I'm shelving this game for 6 months while they finish getting it out of alpha.
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I don't know... I've also experienced a huge number of issues (seems to be ubiquitous), but very few have been game-breaking. I think you could easily call this a beta version of the game (maybe early beta, but beyond alpha).

(One of many of my current issues is the plethora of floating corpses from summons littering the entire map, including the map interface itself. It's not game breaking, but it sure is annoying, and I'm sure it's not helping with the save bloat issue. That's one of many, of course.)
My game is really stable, thank god.

the "people rioting - topic" is not a matter of stability (sadly), its a matter of, if you are able to pay the things your advisor wants you to have.

I checked it myself: there was one event, where my advisor wanted me to buy a school? something else?-(can´t remember) and i did not have the 100 BP, but still took the thing. And the level on the top, where you can read, what your people think of you changed to one level less. Now i did not get +1, but nothing anymore.

I reloaded and had the money and everything stayed as it is.

I think, the stability level you can upgrade is something else you should have in higher numbers later. But for this rioting stuff its a bit different.
sigmabody: I don't know... I've also experienced a huge number of issues (seems to be ubiquitous), but very few have been game-breaking. I think you could easily call this a beta version of the game (maybe early beta, but beyond alpha).
Still this should be full product as we DO NOT PAID for "EALY ACCESS", i paid for preorder to get game as soon as it is FINISHED, and with few additional goodies. While it arrives it turned out that i got UNFINISHED product, with only way to refund as gog wallet money as 30 days from my purchase have already passed. At first i was pissed, but then tried to tell myself that i would buy this product anyways when it will be finished (hopefully), the only thing is till making me a bit angry is that at some points this game is almost unplayable, and i could have bught something finished (like DOS2, Tyranny or POE2), and got FINISHED product while this game is still in TESTING phase.
All these bugs are utter bullshit to me. I have spent nearly 100 hours playing it on a single playthrough and I was stuck in so many places that I was having breaks almost every chapter as they were being resolved. I'm somewhere in the middle of chapter 5 now and I can't move on as killing some enemies don't qualify quest as completed...

I have reported the first bug that made me totally stuck and unable to progress with the game, but there are so many bugs, so much more to report I don't even have the strenght for it.
I think that devs of this game should implement some really quick way of reporting in game bugs, both minor and major ones.
I have encountered 3 areas completely unaccesible because the terrain was modified wrong, same happened with several chests/containers.
Quests are not working properly, like the author said, Inconsequent Debates failed because no dialogue option was available. The funny part is that after failing that quest there was an option to talk with Jubilist about it like nothing ever happened.
Some problem events from pitax are tripling themselves, so I have my general resolving one event "pitax assasins" some other advisor the second problem "pitax assasins" and I don't have the option to assign 3rd advisor to resolve the 3rd fucking "pitax assasins".

The game is so terribly broken I wouldn't dare to call it beta. If you look at the GOG achievements there is one "Against all odds" which I assume is either end of the game or very late stage and noone has made it yet. Probably the game is just way too broken to get there and frustration of all people playing the game is not making it any easier.

Prologue looked good, but soon after all the problems begun to show up. If it was steam I would just ask for a refund and maybe bought the game in few months, as the amount of bugs makes me sure that the game won't be working properly before then.

ps the loading times are also ridiculous. Whenever I get loading screen I just alt+tab and do something on the internet / whatever else. Think I'm gonna play some baldurs gate instead of this crap.
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