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Dear Pathfinders!

We have found out that as of 1.0.8b, there is a problem with the Flintrock Grassland area. The quests taking place there have become corrupted, with events starting and finishing randomly and at wrong times. We would like to ask you to refrain from going there until later this day – in the evening, we are planning to roll out an update that fixes this. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

In the weekend, we will also start work on a way to convert save files of those players who have already visited the Flintrock Grassland and encountered these problems. This is a difficult task, because the quest has a complicated structure and there are literally dozens of conditions and varying states to take into account. Still, we will analyze every save file we currently have and try to get them to work right. We will also keep an eye out for rarer, more arcane cases as well.
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