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The last few months I have been starting and putting down game after game, losing interest after an hr or less, even with tried and true genres and devs of favorites. Then this game came by and I couldnt believe someone made up a game about shuffling papers, forms and sorting. What garbage! What travesty! People will buy anything! this i snarked to myself lololol

after watching geordyjones hilarious cosplay of this game I thought I would pick it up on deep sale. Last nite I played it till I fell asleep at the keyboard. heh

I have found my destiny. If do not have proper papers you are DENIED. Sad stories DENIED. Split families DENIED. Noble causes DENIED. LOL and by golly if you give me annoyances... deny deny DENY! Nevermind my starving family and worthless sickly son... that bribe is NOT in the glorious rule book.... deny and detain! What joy it is to hear the alarm and see the filty masses try to bypass my beautiful rule book..... a shot to the head shall show them the truth path of order!

Hail to Arstotzka! All Hail to my beautiful Stamp of Destiny!
Haha, thanks to trentonlf I also have a copy of this game now and it also kept me awake for a while now. Anything important happen if your family dies? Or do you just have less expenses? LOL
without spoiling it too much ... its not good to let the family die, I know. I gladly tried to let that worthless son of mine go asap
Haha, alright :D
Yeah, there was a man and his wife that wanted to enter the city.
The dude had all papers in order, so I allowed.
The wife didn't... oh so sorry for ruining the honeymoon... DENIED!
Even a woman that would die if she returned to home was DENIED, liar or not, she didn't have all necessary documents!
And when someone appears with stolen documents, is so great getting his/her (soon to be beaten) body dragged by the guards.
It's a honor to serve Arstotzka!
Sorry for the necro.
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Yes, the guy from "Cobrastan" is pretty hilarious. Having dozens of people tell you that their faces look different because of surgery is funny, too.

That said, I'm fairly confident that this game isn't ha-ha funny, but is instead closer to grim social commentary.

The player's role in this game is totally someone's role in real It's not someone that we're likely to know, and they may not think of their job in this way, but this sick job is totally performed by someone every day all day. In fact, I would go as far as to say that a BUNCH of people have this job.