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It was French Sale and I was therefore finally able to buy Panzer General 2 for a good discount, even when one considers that SSI was located in California, but with Ubisoft owning the rights of the series it now counts as “French”, lol. Anyway, shortly after I have started playing the flawless running game, I have noticed something that I was never noticing so many years back, when the game was given for free on the CD of a computer gaming magazine, or maybe I have forgotten about it:

Has anyone noticed that on the top left corner of the map there is always a unit stuck, of which you can only see half of it? It may be an infantry or a tank unit, but often it is even a unit with a commander, yet you cannot click on the unit, neither with the left mouse button, to give it any kind of commands, nor with the right mouse button, to show yourself its status. It also seems that it is always a unit of the side that starts the first round, but the other side is not able to attack the unit at all. Funny, this unit can also be stuck on water, even if it is a land-based unit and it will also not be shown if you activate the strategical map, on which you can see the entire map and the nation flags of all the units at once. And yes, the unit is always stuck on the upper left corner of the map, never somewhere else.

Is this some kind of a bug and is there a way to fix it? It’s not a game breaker, but it is a little annoying nonetheless and for me it also kind of ruins the otherwise good atmosphere a little.
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