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I hope I've found a fix for this program to run properly for Windows 7 & 8 users. This should resolve having to try running it in compatibility mode and other troubleshooting junk. I'm running Win 7 64 bit on a Acer single core processor laptop. All you have to do is "add" this file to the listing (if you have any others) to the exclusions for the DEP. Data execution prevention is what this is. My copy was giving me the freezing cursor thingy. Windows 8 users? You too share the common DEP built in Win 8. So I'll give the two microsoft links to very easily "add" your file to that DEP inclusion and you should be up and running in no time. Here's an example of the file you would add. Here's mine: C:\GOG Games\Panzer General 2\PANZER2.EXE (OR easier when you add the file, you will only see it in the box as "PANZER2.EXE" . Here are the links: Win 7 users:

Win 8 users:
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