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I am a recent fan of the Panzer General series. I got into it based on the Xbox game and the board game. I found the original three games different from that. The first two are more traditional, with the second being very streamlined. The third game is a more interesting design than the first two. Instead of putting the PG model into 3D, they instead decided to mess around with the mechanics of the game itself. The leaders are an important system, and what leaders you use, and what equipment/unit you give them, is important. The leaders also get promoted and gain the ability to be ordered more times a turn. This element replaces the prestige system, and makes for a lighter feeling game with far less units than the epic struggles in the later battles of PG I and II. PG 3D feels more intimate; the tracking of individual stats also creates more of a connection with a unit/leader. I think this is a good game for people who feel overwhelmed in the later levels of the other PG games. I personally always liked the beginnings of the games when I only had about a dozen units, and that feel stays throughout PG 3D.