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Just bought Painkiller and have a small issue. For some reason, during cinematics the sound keeps skipping, it'll cut off for a couple of seconds, then cut back on for a few seconds, than back off and so on. It's really annoying me so if anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

Using Windows 7 64 bit if it helps.
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I have the same problem but in game - in the BooH expansion. It was most noticeable in the level Stalingrad. Everything works fine, no graphics problems, only sometimes sounds doesn't play properly. Like a sound is starting to play and it ends before it should. For example this unique sound whenever you clear an area and you should move to another, it's hardly possible to hear at all. I'll check if this happens in the original campaign.

Edit: I'm using Win Xp Sp 3
Edit2: Looks like no problems in original Painkiller.
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Nevermind. Just booted the game up and no issues.