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Will this game be included in GOG anytime soon?
Doubtful. Even though Steam is currently selling it at the ridiculously low price of $4.99, it is still being sold in stores and through other digital services (including Dreamcatcher's own store) for about $20. That pretty much puts it out of GOG's range.
Post edited April 22, 2009 by cogadh
Everybody says it's crappy beyond belief though, so I guess you're not missing much. If you do want it, as Cogadh said, it's on Steam for $4.99 although I don't know if it is region restricted or anything.
Please just remember that People Can Fly has nothing to do with Overdose. ;) First game in the series developed by them is a really good one peace of entertainment.
Well, I would also love to see Painkiller Overdose on here, first because it's DRM-free and second because we get so many nice extras with the games :) I would prefer to pay $5.99 on here then $4.99 on Steam :)
yeah agreed, i'm not fond of steam. If i can get a game without steam, i prefer to do so.
so.. i got painkiller overdose free with the new painkiller on steam and frankly.. its not bad at all!
its not really an expansion as its really just the same weapons with new skins.. but is more of the same a bad thing? certainly not!