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I would like to be able to bind/assign a Turn Left/ Turn Right as well as a Look Up and Look Down Key while playing Painkiller Black. The Options Menu lets you assign a Move Forwards and Backwards key but appears to assume that a mouse will be used for turning / looking up and down.

I know a lot of people feel the mouse is the preferred method of play, but while playing on a laptop I find it difficult to use the touchpad for turning as I often end up looking up or down when I don't want to.

It may not be possible, but I thought I would ask.

Many Thanks.
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Not sure about the controls but the pace of the game may not allow for that style of play. I don't know how well you can play shooters with just a keyboard but this is a fast paced game. You can't really pick enemys of from a distance and take your time in it.
I...dont think this is possible

and besides, if you dont have a mouse you might as well not bother playing painkiller as you will most certainly get your ass handed to you ;)
You can use a third-party program like autoHotKey:
(see section "Moving the Mouse Cursor via the Keyboard" near the bottom)

. . . I'm not sure which would be more of a problem, using a touchpad, or using key-driven look. I suspect that the touchpad would be less bad simply because variable speed is at least *possible* . . . but I could do keyboard-only deathmatch play back in the day, and my one afternoon trying to game competitively on a touchpad was a sad joke.

(That said, one reason that keyboard look worked early on was the lack of a true vertical dimension - in a flat [or vertical auto-aim] world you need only sweep back and forth to find a target; there are a number of Painkiller levels where you really have to have better 3D awareness and tracking than a keyboard is likely to give even if you're quite good at it.)

I think you might look into buying an inexpensive mouse. If you're not playing competitively it doesn't need to have perfect tracking to be a huge upgrade. If you want one that's actually quite good and not ridiculously priced, I suggest the Logitech MX518 @ ~$30.
Plug a mouse into your laptop to use instead of the touchpad, problem solved. =P
CountZenith: I find it difficult to use the touchpad for turning as I often end up looking up or down when I don't want to.
That is the most hardcore thing i ever heard... i never even imagined trying to play an fps with a touch pad... you are awesome.. as for the mouse issue you can get small mice for under $10 now, check your local cheapo retailer, like a walmart, big lots or the such...
I know someone who used to play with a touchpad and was damn good at it... I think he saw the error of his ways and switched over to a mouse, though.