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Should this video card make the game start?
It is not listed among the supported video chipsets (ATI 8500-9800 and ATI X800 and above), so I would like to make sure before installing it on my notebook (matching the requirements otherwise).
in my opinion it should work.
i checked the specs from the card and the minimum system requirements for painkiller.
it should work perfectly.
I agree with CyPhErIoN, the X700 should work for Painkiller. I have Painkiller on my laptop with an ATI X1200 card and PK runs great.
Might be a good thing to get the latest driver installed prior to PK install. [url=][/url] Look under Mobility Radeon in the second column.
I do have 4GB of RAM which may help as well. I would install and try PK if you have already purchased the game. Should not be difficult to uninstall if it doesn't run well.
Might want to fore go playing it on a plane, I found it makes the other passengers nervous for some reason.
Edit: That link may not be the one you need for Italy, sorry.
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Thanks a lot for your support, I'll try it as soon as possible (Tales of Monkey Island is taking most of my time these days).
And, ok, I'll try not to play it on a plane, let's see what happens on a train ;-P
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