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Okay, so Loony Park, the second level of Battle out of Hell: brilliant level design for the most part. Save for one little problem.
It's perfectly possible to get the two holy relics in the vent in the House of Pain, but impossible for me to get back out again. I've already taken a look at some youtube videos to see if there's something I'm doing wrong here. But no.
For me the vent simply just doesn't open far enough to get back out again. I can barely get in either for that matter. But at least I can force my way through then. I've tried getting it swinging a bit beforehand, but nothing works.
Anyone successfully retrieved the relics with the GOG version?
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
Being able to get out of that vent always was random. Sometimes getting in can be an hassle too.
The way to get out is to jump/shoot and try to force your way out. Sometimes reloading the level makes it easyer, sometimes it doesn't.
Anyway, Powermad 3 + noclip works just fine.
Righ Shift + F toggles noclip.
I'm only suggesting this as a way to get out of that bugged vent after getting the relics, but if you're interested in taking a look at the other Powermad cheats press H during gameplay to cycle through the list.
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Namur: Anyway, Powermad 3 + noclip works just fine.

Hey, it works! Thanks!
Navagon: Hey, it works! Thanks!

No problem ;)
I was able to get the vent by restarting the level, thanks for the the tip Namur.
Not sure, but limiting FPS with vsync or /setmaxfps might also have some effect since the physics calculations are FPS dependent.