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Hi, I just started playing the game. I noticed that by default my left Ctrl button fired the orb (the 2ndary attack of the first gun) also in addition to my right mouse button. and it even fires that orb when I'm using other guns is it suppose to like that? I don't see left ctrl been assigned anywhere under controls and the problem is I accidentally used left ctrl for something else hence leading to losing its original function. I don't see that function anywhere in controls so I can't reassign it nor can I find a reset to default button.

So whats going on, and how can I reset to default? I only the original painkiller not the black edition btw.

Thanks alot!
This question / problem has been solved by StabbingHoboimage
There are keys for "Fire Best Custom 1 and 2" (Might be in the advanced controls tab) Those will fire the best weapon available no matter which weapon you have equipped, and you can choose the priority for weapons in Options -> Controls -> Weapons.
Post edited November 12, 2012 by StabbingHobo