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Due to a problem with one hand, I find it very difficult and uncomfortable to play games where you're forced to use the keyboard and mouse at the same time. It's frustrating to be able to do everything with the keyboard EXCEPT look up/down, which they only seem to allow the mouse to do.

I'd like to know if there's a way to either set the "looking around" control to the keyboard as well, instead of the mouse, or even better, to hook up a controller and play with that. I don't have an Xbox controller and I don't particularly want one as I don't find them very comfortable. Is it possible to use either a Playstation, Gamecube or N64 controller for this game? I plugged the Gamecube one in but when I opened the game, there was no option to select an external controller so I'm not sure how to make that work. I know that plugging in an Xbox controller is supposed to be automatically recognized, but what about using a different brand?

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Really? There's no way to do this?
Antimicro can be configured to use any of the sticks like a mouse. Works for me on Linux and will work on Windows, too.
It shows it has controller support
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