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Hello, good people.
Im having a problem and i don't really understand why or how is it happening.

I just freshly installed Outlast on my PC, and it lags greatly.
I was stunned because i was running GTA V before that and no lag from that game whatsoever and im playing it on max settings.

I went to the systemrequirementslab page, and it says i have the recomended hardware for it.
Here is the screenshot.

Btw im playing this on a gaming laptop.
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The game is known for its poor performances even on powerful systems because of bad optimization.

First of all, double check that Outlast is actually using your dedicated video card and not the one integrated in the Ryzen APU.

I suggest you to follow this guide to optimize your game: pay particular attention to the "Fix Stuttering" part.
Basically you may want to follow these steps (taken from here):

- Open OLEngine.ini and edit Poolsize= under [TextureStreaming]; set the value to one roughly equivalent to you graphics card VRAM.
- In the same file find the line TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects= and set it to 3600.
- If shuttering still does not go away, find and set bUseBackgroundLevelStreaming= to false.
Thank you for your reply.
I will try that method.