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Already have this game on Steam but are there any differences between the GoG and Steam version except for DRM?
Because I want to play this game on my GPD Win I need the best performance possible.
The game starts running in slow motion when it gets below 40fps.
Post edited June 02, 2019 by nex01
There is no achievements on GOG, which Steam has.

Also for running smooth on GPD Win 2, set effect to lowest possible and use a render resoultion that is below 1280x720 and it'll run smooth. For Win 1 you might need to set even lower. (I only have Win 2 and complete Ori on it 100%)
I don't have the GPD but have a tablet with a similar SOC, albeit a little less powerfull.
The game is unplayable smoothly, the cpu is too weak for the game, no matter what the visual settings are.

The GPD WIN 2 is a completelly different beast, CPU wise of the 1st version (more than double the performance).